Event Preview: Midnight Bacon feat. Teddy Midnight & Space Bacon @ The Hall at MP


It’s going down this weekend at the Hall at MP in Brooklyn! Two of Brooklyn’s most promising up-and-coming jam bands, Teddy Midnight & Space Bacon, are taking over one of New York’s newest music venus, The Hall at MP, on Saturday night at 11 PM. I’ve seen both bands perform on numerous occasions, most recently at the Sixth Annual Disc Jam Music Festival, and every time either band takes the stage they outdo their pervious show. This upcoming performance will be truly special, because not only am I expecting this trend of “elevation,” but both groups will also meet each other on stage to collaborate and push each other even further to that next level. Basically, I’m expecting Teddy Midnight & Space Bacon to “elevate” the Hall at MP to space and fry us some bacon on Saturday night. Not a night of music to miss, ladies and gents, get your tickets here. What’s better? We’re hosting a giveaway with CEG Presents for 6 free VIP tickets to Saturday’s show. Find details below, and continue reading our preview even further down.

To prepare for both this event and Disc Jam, we interviewed Wiley Griffin of Teddy Midnight and each member of Space Bacon to ask about their plans for the Hall at MP, each band’s origins, and the Brooklyn jam scene, amongst other things. You catch up on those two interviews here: Sound Fix Interviews Wiley of Teddy Midnight // Sound Fix Interviews Space Bacon. In both interviews, we discuss in detail the “Brooklyn Jam Syndicate,” which is a term coined by Space Bacon’s drummer, Sam Crespo, in 2015 to describe a group bands in Brooklyn comprised of Space Bacon, Teddy Midnight, Cousin Earth and Chromatropic. You can learn more about the Brooklyn Jam Syndicate by reading either of those two interviews, but in a nutshell, those four jam bands practice together, hang out together, and support each other to such a degree that they created a name for their gang of musicians. What does this mean for The Hall at MP on Saturday? Space Bacon and Teddy Midnight are trained to kill it together on stage. To conclude this preview, check out this awesome video of Wiley sitting in with Space Bacon earlier this year, and then below, some screenshots of a friendly feud that started with the two interviews we did with Space Bacon and Teddy Midnight here at Sound Fix (KL/CG/JW = Kevin Legall, Chris Gironda, & Jack Willard of Space Bacon, WG = Wiley of Teddy Midnight, SF = me). See you on Saturday!

img-7 Event Preview: Midnight Bacon feat. Teddy Midnight & Space Bacon @ The Hall at MP

img2 Event Preview: Midnight Bacon feat. Teddy Midnight & Space Bacon @ The Hall at MP

img3 Event Preview: Midnight Bacon feat. Teddy Midnight & Space Bacon @ The Hall at MP

Jack Willard (guitar, Space Bacon), extending the feud beyond the confines of Sound Fix to the dark and dangerous world of Facebook.

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