Event Preview: 5 Reasons to Attend Backwoods Pondfest 2016


Backwoods Pondfest holds a special place in my heart. It’s a true community event. With Lucid as the host band, you can’t expect much more than magic from this Upstate New York music festival. Last year was our first year attending Pondfest, and at the end of the weekend I developed a deeper appreciation for my friends, for the environment, and for true-to-form grassroots music. There’s no headaches or hassles involved in a weekend when you attend Backwoods Pondfest. You’ll make new friends, you’ll discover new bands, and you’ll just have a great time. We’re so excited to make the massive trek up from Brooklyn tomorrow to the Twin Ponds Campsite in Peru, New York, and here are five reasons why we’re particularly looking forward to the weekend. Online ticketing’s closed, but you can still purchase passes at the gate. Find all the information you need about Backwoods Pondfest here, and make sure to follow Lucid on Facebook right here.

5. The Blind Owl Band is playing two sets.

We first discovered the Blind Owl Band at last year’s Backwoods Pondfest. Last year we felt they were a focal talking point of the festival. Everyone and their mom recommended I check out this infamous bluegrass band. I was hanging out at my campsite drinking beers with my friends when they started to perform in the wooded stage of the Twin Ponds Campsite. In the distance, I heard bluegrass music strumming away, and the sounds of a few different voices hollering from the bottom of their souls reverberating from the trees. I noticed a few people sprinting past my campsite to make it to their set, so naturally I followed suit and chased right after them. When I arrived, I felt the beauty of bluegrass music rock my soul. Ever since, I’ve followed this quartet from Saranac Lake like a hobo on a ham sandwich. They’re such a hit at Pondfest that the band is scheduled to play two times this weekend: once on Thursday, and once on Saturday. I can’t wait, and you shouldn’t either. Get a taste for what I’m talking about below.

4. Mihali Savoulidis is rolling with a slew of friends on Thursday night.

It’s no secret. The Sound Fix publication loves Twiddle. When we heard Mihali Savoulidis, lead singer / guitarist of Twiddle was planning a special set for this special festival, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. The organizers of Pondfest announced just yesterday that after a phone call with Mihali, any Twiddle fan should pack their car, load up their tank, and make the trip over to Peru, New York. Last year when we attended Pondfest, my girlfriend and I literally balled our eyes out when Mihali threw a special “Storytellers” set for the Backwoods Pondfest crew. From what I’ve learned, Backwoods Pondfest holds a similar place in Mihali’s heart as it does in ours, so he makes for damn sure to perform something special year after year for the community. This year will not be an exception.

3. Pink Talking Fish is playing Bowie.

This year, we lost a music idol. On January 10th, 2016, David Bowie passed away. At this year’s Backwoods Pondfest, my favorite cover band on Planet Earth will pay tribute to one of music’s most celebrated icons on the year of his death by infusing his catalogue with the music of Phish, The Talking Heads, and Pink Floyd. There is no better arena to pay tribute to Bowie, and we truly cannot wait for this special performance on Saturday night. As Bowie once said, “The truth of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” I trust in Eric, Dave, Richard and Zach to perfect this tribute at Pondfest, and I truly cannot wait.

o-DAVID-BOWIE-facebook-1024x512 Event Preview: 5 Reasons to Attend Backwoods Pondfest 2016

2. We’re celebrating 10 years of Backwoods Pondfest!

This is the tenth wonderful year of Backwoods Pondfest. A decade ago, the founders of Backwoods Pondfest put their heads together and decided to start up this iconic event. Thousands of people have been affected by this festival, countless connections and relationships have been made, and hundreds of bands have been discovered by thousands of music listeners. This is a special year to celebrate Pondfest, and we’re personally honored to document this event.

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1. The People.

Call me corny, but I always end my “Top X Reasons” to attend a festival with the people. In my humble opinion, you go to a festival first for the people, second for the music, then third, fourth, firth, sixth, for whatever reason your consciousness pleases. I’ll argue with you to heaven and back that the community is the reason you go to a festival. I wouldn’t be where I personally am today without the people I’ve met along the way throughout my journeys, so I’ll be stubborn with this number one. Last year, I was incredibly inspired by the people I met at Pondfest. I remember I was sitting around a fire, mesmerized by this guy I met from Plattsburgh who was simply strumming his favorite chords around a campfire for 20 some-odd people. Right when I returned to Brooklyn, I bought myself a guitar and made it a personal goal to learn the instrument. I’ve been playing ever since, and there’s nothing more cathartic than letting it out on the strings. So, friends, I’m excited to see some familiar faces tomorrow. Let’s have a ball, let’s be respectful, and let’s celebrate each other and music!

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