Event Review / Company Spotlight: Sermon Presents Esseks, Yheti, Of the Trees, & Many More


Last Saturday on August 13th, Austin Trout and Gregg Sauber premiered their new production company, Sermon, with its debut bass-music concert fittingly titled “Summer Sermon.” The show proceeded Brooklyn’s ELEMENTS Music & Arts Festival at 10 PM in an undisclosed warehouse in Brooklyn. The first set we managed to catch after rushing over from ELEMENTS in South Brooklyn was Tyler Coombs, aka Of the Trees, who launched his set promptly at 11 PM. Soohan, Esseks, and Yheti followed in succession, and by the end of the night it’s safe to say my eardrums were just one bass set away from total cosmic rupture.

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Of the Trees, Photo Credit: Wook Vision Media

Apart from the stacked lineup of up-and-coming bass producers, a clear highlight of the night was the sound system Austin and Gregg hired and installed for Summer Sermon. If you’ve never heard of Tsunami Bass before, let me give you a brief rundown of the company. Comprised of a custom built fleet of LABHORN subs with Yorkville mid-bass and top components, the massive sound system Tsunami Bass provides will literally rattle your ribs in any setting, indoor or outdoor. For Summer Sermon we were lucky enough to experience the low-frequency prowess of Tsunami Bass in an enclosed warehouse setting, and I could barely hear myself think all night. When I spoke to Austin, he mentioned the company also offers bass-induced floor installations, which weren’t deployed at Summer Sermon, but are on his and Gregg’s radar for future Sermon events.

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Yheti, Photo Credit: Wook Vision Media

Sermon packed just about 600 people into the Bushwick warehouse for an epic night of bass music that lasted until about 7 in the morning. Tickets were modestly priced just above $20, which was an undisputed deal for the quality of sound, artists, and sheer length of this inaugural event. Esseks rocked his set, performing a slew of unreleased tracks and a handful of songs from his new album, Ego Altar,  which was released on May 20th via Liquid Stranger‘s label, Wakaan. I had never seen Yheti perform before Sermon, and he set the bar incredibly high for any future performances I fully plan to attend. Get a taste of Yheti’s music by listening to the Trinity Mix he released 3 months ago, which features 13 new Yheti mixes & collaborations.

13988032_344560439209395_3879358553085895969_o-1024x684 Event Review / Company Spotlight: Sermon Presents Esseks, Yheti, Of the Trees, & Many More

Esseks, Photo Credit: Wook Vision Media

The level of expertise and care put into this pristinely executed event was so impressive I decided to twist this event review into a hybrid “company spotlight” feature, which is something we’ve never done before here at Sound Fix. We’ve set up a couple forthcoming company spotlights, the next one with Kunj Shah, Founder & President of Live for Live Music. Anyways, while crafting this special I bounced several questions off Austin Trout to learn more about Sermon and their plans for the future. First off, it’s important to note Austin is Esseks’ current manager, and over the past few years he’s watched and observed concert organizers and promoters to apply the good and get rid of the bad for Sermon events. Gregg is a booking agent with Rogue and currently represents artists like Yheti, Joker, Champagne Drip, and Conrank. Over the next couple years, Austin & Gregg hope to throw 2-4 Sermon events per year. I’m not sure if this is an intention, but a seasonal Sermon event titled “Winter Sermon,” “Autumn Sermon,” “Spring Sermon,” etc., would be a fitting way to brand their quarterly bass concerts.

According to Trout, the current end goal for Sermon is hosting a bass stage at a major music festival. We’re both in agreement that quality bass music needs more representation in the electronic music community, so part of Sermon’s mission is to promote quality bass producers and thoroughly spread this genre across the nation. Summer Sermon was conceptualized and put into motion just 3 months before the debut event. Gregg and Austin are roommates in Brooklyn, and were responsible for laying out and executing the framework of the show. There currently is not an upcoming Sermon event on the books, but once Space Jesus & Yheti’s Fall Tour is complete, Austin told me he’d update us for an official press release. In the meantime, check out the image below, and get your tickets for a Space Jesus / Yheti tour stop near you.

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