Five Acts Not to Miss at Disc Jam 2019

Disc Jam

The complete lineup for the 9th annual Disc Jam Music Festival has been out for a few weeks now and it displays a diverse group of regional, national, and international talent. With acts like New Zealand’s production duo Truth, Ohio jam veterans Papadosio, and a rare set of Lotus featuring Jon “Barber” Gutwillig of the Disco Biscuits, there’s really something for everyone at the 2019 installment of this popular Northeast music festival.

This summer will mark our fourth Disc Jam and based on past experiences we’ve found that half the fun of the festival is digging into the lineup and getting to know some up-and-coming talent. Disc Jam has a knack for sniffing out and showcasing emerging acts on its lineup, making the grounds at Gardner Farm a perfect playground to learn about new bands, musicians, and sound. As part of our coverage for this summer’s festival we’ve handpicked five dynamic groups not to miss at Disc Jam 2019 and caught up with each act to get you up to speed ahead of the main event. General Admission, VIP and RV passes to Disc Jam are still available and can be purchased here.

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Space Bacon (Brooklyn, NY)

Genre: Rock / Electronica / Jam

Band Members: Sam Crespo (drums), Chris Gironda (keyboards), Kevin LeGall (bass), Jack Willard (guitar)

Sound Fix: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions ahead of Disc Jam 2019. To start off, tell us a bit about the history of Space Bacon.

Jack Willard: The first iteration of our band was a trio with Kevin on drums, Chris on bass, and myself on guitar. In typical fashion we had a very thought out name for this outfit which was Tablet Beak. Our first concert was at clam bake at RPI in Troy, NY. Kevin was good friends with one of the fraternity brothers in Pi Kappa Alpha, who I interestingly just recently bought a guitar from. Having attended Fordham it was fun for us to get out of the Bronx for a day and play “music,” drink free beer, and eat clams. Regardless of what people there experienced, we had a ton of fun and decided we wanted to do more gigs.

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SF: What have been a few of Space Bacon’s most memorable moments of the past year?

JW: It was was amazing to cross the TLA off our bucket list last weekend. We had a blast playing there and felt good about the show, and it’s always exiting to see unfamiliar faces in a room grooving along and having fun. The production and staff at the TLA, Club XL, and of course Brooklyn Bowl are all top notch and it’s always a pleasure to play. We really enjoyed our time on the road with the Papadosio team. The band has a fresh and unique sound, incredible production, and are overall good people.

SF: Looking to the year ahead, what shows, music releases, or landmarks is the band most excited about?

JW: We have a lot in the works we are excited about. We just announced a collaboration with Rocks Off and are really excited to play our first at sea adventure called Space Ship this summer on a boat encircling NYC. We are always trying to keep things fresh and interesting for ourselves and the band. Instead of booking shows for the sake of playing shows, we want to create unique musical experiences for our friends and fans. We’ll also be cruising around this summer to Branch Fest in Newport, Maine alongside Emancipator, Twiddle, and our new friends Papadosio, Elements Festival in Lakewood, PA which has a killer lineup including Fisher, Disclosure, Big Gigantic, and Shiba San, as well as Disc Jam and our “Road to Disc Jam” party in Providence on Saturday, May 4th with Consider the Source! Disc Jam always delivers and was one of our favorite weekends last summer. Our cover of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” with Coco and the Turkuaz horns last year was one of my favorite things we’ve ever done. This year we will be cooking up something extra special for Disc Jam. Don’t miss it!


Genre: Rainforest Tech, House, Techno, Tribal, Progressive, Tech House

Band Members: Clark Smith (sax/keys/DJ/percussion), Nic Thornsberry (drums, SPD-SX), Fred Reisen (bass/synth)

Sound Fix: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions ahead of Disc Jam 2019. To start off, tell us a bit about the history of DYNOHUNTER.

Clark Smith: I started producing beats around 2009 and was asked to come play a friend’s house party a few months later, so I asked my roommate at the time to come play drums and I added the saxophone in for a live element, which I’ve been playing since I was nine. We got a really good response and had a ton of fun at the party so I took it from there and set out to improve on the setup and sound. After that we added\ live bass, and have been continually evolving and fine tuning the sound of DYNOHUNTER to what it is today.

43226078_2365182360164655_8100653596971892736_o-1024x683 Five Acts Not to Miss at Disc Jam 2019

SF: What have been a few of DYNOHUNTER’s most memorable moments of the past year?

CS: We had a really big festival season last year with standouts closing out the Forest Stage at Electric Forest as well as the Campground Stage at Suwanee Hulaween, The settings for both of these performances were amazing and the energy from the fans was infectious. Everything just came together in just the right way.

SF: Looking to the year ahead, what shows, music releases, or landmarks is the band most excited about?

CS: We’re currently on a 10-week national tour that will take us from coast to coast, so that entire tour as a whole is incredibly exciting. It’s the biggest one we’ve every done and it’s been going really well, we’re getting a really great response from fans and I feel like the band is just getting ‘Swat Team’ tight playing night after night. We’ve also already put out 3 EP’s this year and have a bunch more music in the pipeline that we’ll continue to release, and of course we’re getting excited to be hitting some big festivals this summer. The standouts at the moment are headlining Joshua Tree Music Festival in May in California and the of course coming out and playing our first ever Disc Jam!

Horizon Wireless (New York, NY)

Genre: multi-genre dance music

Band Members: Harrison Waxenberg (DJ), Daniel Lyons (drums)

Sound Fix: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions ahead of Disc Jam 2019. To start off, tell us a bit about the history of Horizon Wireless.

Harrison Waxenberg: Horizon Wireless started in early 2010 as a solo endeavor. Sol Montoya of Digital Frontier joined on drums from 2011-2014, and Dan Lyons has manned the throne from 2014-2019. Most of our funny stories I would not be comfortable publishing on the internet, but for you I’ll give ya one. This one time I ******* a ******* with a ******** and ******** which then led to ********* having a ******** and I though to myself “HOLY ****” this ****** is actually ******* ********* ******** and ******” ****** for the first time EVER.

27336473_1785991548101473_55361981359306085_n Five Acts Not to Miss at Disc Jam 2019

SF: What have been a few of Horizon Wireless’s most memorable moments of the past year?

HW: Probably the most memorable moment of the past year for me was our Camp Bisco set. We both love the festival and the Biscuits a lot so we did a set where we remixed about 15 different Disco Biscuits songs ranging from “AWOL Blues” up through “Feeling Twisted” and everything in-between. The last and only time I had done anything Biscuits related was at MSG on NYE 2013, but this was on a completely different level than that, this time using the actual album versions of the songs as opposed to vocoding my own voice.

SF: Looking to the year ahead, what shows, music releases, or landmarks is the band most excited about?

HW: We are literally at the finish line for our debut original album, which has been an on and off again endeavor for the past 9 years. We haven’t played many shows recently due to the birth of my son, so after the Reimaginate remix album we decided to take this time to really buckle down and finally get this thing done. Jesse Miller of Lotus did the final mix-downs for it which is serendipitous because about half the songs on it I wrote around 2009 when I was seeing those guys a good amount. We’re really proud of how it all came out. Putting out your first album a decade into your career is probably an insane move, but it’s the only logical step forward we can make at this point. I think it’s going to subvert a lot of expectations while still staying true to the style of music we’ve been playing out all these years…it’s fresh as hell.

Catullus (Philadelphia, PA)

Genre: progressive electronic rock

Band Members: Andrew Meehan (guitar/synth), Chris Bailey (bass), Jeremy Worthington (drums), Kevin Smethers (keys/synth)

1-1024x663 Five Acts Not to Miss at Disc Jam 2019

Sound Fix: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions ahead of Disc Jam 2019. To start off, tell us a bit about the history of Catullus.

Catullus: The band rose from the ashes of another local group called The Tragics circa November 2013 as the brain child of guitarist Andrew Meehan and bassist Chris Bailey. Catullus’s first show was played at one of our favorite local venues called The Pickering Creek Inn in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Since then, we’ve added a few keys players including on Kevin on keys and our Jeremy on drums. This iteration of the band is without a doubt the strongest ever and the music being created has us very excited for what the future will bring.

SF: What have been a few of Catullus’s most memorable moments of the past year?

Catullus: A really great moment this past year was when our new drummer, Jeremy Worthington, took over on drums. His tenacity is perfect for our sound and he could not be a cooler dude.

SF: Looking to the year ahead, what shows, music releases, or landmarks is the band most excited about?

Catullus: Looking forward, Disc Jam has us very excited as we’ll be returning for our second year. We also really can’t wait for our 2-night “May the 4th Be With You” run at Sprout in West Chester, PA. We’re big Star Wars fans and we can’t wait to pay homage to the Jedi himself, Mr. John Williams. Additionally we have a great series of releases planned for the rest of 2019. This summer we’ll be working on a new EP which will be the first studio project with our new lineup. After that we’ll move on to record the first Act of our Rock Opera based off Homer’s “The Odyssey” for the holiday season. This project will be two acts released separately over time, and we can’t be more excited! Lastly, our live compilation series “Superb Preserves Volume 2″ is in the pipe. Each volume is released as a different preserve flavor accordingly, so in short you could say we are pretty busy!

Escaper (Brooklyn, NY)

Genre: Space Funk Psyche Rock

Band Members: Will Hanza (guitar), Jay Giacomazzo (bass), Wayan Zoey (drums), Johnny Butler (saxophone), Phil Kadet (keyboards)

Sound Fix: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions ahead of Disc Jam 2019. To start off, tell us a bit about the history of the band!

Will Hanza: Our very first show was about 3 years ago. We played outside of our hometown of Brooklyn, heading up the turnpike to Black Rock, CT to play two sets at the jam-haven, BRYAC. We had a pretty good night goin, however near the end there was an influx of people who had just come from another nearby show. They were a saucey and dancey crowd and the vibe grew to a great place…but then, we were all out of songs. I turned to Jay and said, “Hey man, play “Gold” again, but in the key of Bm and make it super dancey!” Well… it worked out! We played this jam for the next dozen minutes or so and ended our set with it. For a new band, to get that feel of a crowd’s energy, super in-the-moment vibes, was a really great revelation for us. We had been writing and working on songs up until then, jamming aplenty. But to do so with a receptive crowd taught us a lot about how we really could make music, particularly within the framework of what Escaper was about and founded upon. Which is to say… breaking free from confinements. Allowing our best and free selves to be in the music. The best part is that the audience becomes part of all of it. The intention is not to play at people, but with them. We ended up revisiting this particular jam from our first night and it grew into the tune we now call, “Rare Form”. It is on our 2nd and most recent album and is a mainstay with most of our live sets.

53113353_2236126003318693_4681650752211386368_o-1024x630 Five Acts Not to Miss at Disc Jam 2019

SF: What have been a few of Escaper’s most memorable moments of the past year?

WH: Admittedly, it’s been quite the past 12 months for us. If we look back to last April, that was when we had the honor to open for The Mallett Brothers featuring Jon Fishman at the Brooklyn Bowl. It was a proud moment when he told us we had “a Pink floyd kind of vibe.” Then festival season hit, and a sure highlight was our first set at Disc Jam. It really is a terrific festival with so many great bands and people involved. To top it off, we had the chance to have 2 sit-ins from our Turkuaz friends. Shira sang a Donna Summer song, “Love to Love You Baby” with us, which was so beautiful. Then we had all three horn players (Josh, Greg and Chris) sit in with an original,  “Rare Form.”  The jam in that really took off and they helped bring that song to whole new heights. What a treat. There was so much more this past year. Headlining Grateful For Spring at Mountain Sky. A mid-summer sold out rooftop party in the Lower East Side that was just bonkers fun. Opening for Karl Denson on Halloween at Brooklyn Bowl. Playing 2 sets to a capacity room at Nublu for a late-night post-Phish night 1 of NYE run. Playing a New Year’s Eve fest with Cabinet in PA. We just played Irving Plaza a couple weeks ago for the first time, and there was the recent run with JEDI this past March. Aaron Johnston (Brazilian Girls) project that featured Marc Brownstien and Aron Magner. We had some great shows with them in NYC, New Haven, and Saratoga Springs. Those guys are great musicians and were also so welcoming to us. We are very grateful! Phil and I got to sit in and jam on stage with them. Aron even did a sit-in with us on the last night of the tour. It was pretty damn cool for us and the band is very excited that Disc Jam will be quite Biscuit-y! Lots of great Biscuit presence in the line-up, with John K. & West Philly Fadeaway, Star Kitchen, not to mention Lotus with Barber and Friends and DrFameus!

SF: Looking to the year ahead, what shows, music releases, or landmarks is the band most excited about?

WH: We have a nice slate of festivals to play and Disc Jam is certainly going to be a great highlight. We are looking forward to Escaper 3.0. That means a new (and 3rd) album. We’ve developed a lot of new material and are looking forward to getting into the studio. We hope to see many of our friends along the way. Thanks for having us!

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