The Road to Camp Bisco: Sound Fix Interviews Mark Hill of The Floozies

The Floozies

In my opinion, nothing’s worse than listening to a band or artist whose music is indistinguishable. If I’m incapable of pinpointing which band is performing a track after two or three minutes, then something’s missing musically or the band is still developing its artistic identity. Now whenever I think about a group that’s accomplished the exact opposite of this shortcoming by creating a sound so unique it takes a special type of person to not recognize their sound, The Floozies are always the first band that comes to mind.

A duo comprised of brothers Matt & Mark Hill, The Floozies have pioneered a completely novel brand of future funk since releasing their debut album A Vice of My Own back in 2008. Each Floozies song is chalk-full of glitched sampling, unpredictable direction, sonic humor, and barn-burning dance grooves. There aren’t too many bands that can make me laugh out loud through their experimentation with sound, but The Floozies have figured out a formula to do just that.

The first time I ever saw The Floozies perform was two years ago at the “Above the Waves” stage at Camp Bisco, and ever since that experience I’ve never missed one of their concerts within a 50 mile radius of New York City. Mark and Matt are scheduled to make their return to Camp Bisco in just over a week, so ahead of this performance we caught up with Mark to talk about Camp Bisco, plans for their set, new music, and much more. Buy your tickets to Camp Bisco here, and make sure to check out our previous two “Road to Camp Bisco” interviews with The Werks and Jesse Miller of Lotus.

Sound Fix: Hey Mark, thanks for taking some time to catch up with us here ahead of Camp Bisco. We’re just over halfway through with 2017. To kick things off, what’s been the best moment or achievement of the year thus far?

Mark Hill: This has been a huge, great year. Taking time off to write music and reinvent our live show was really important this year. We did this amazing run that was all sold-out shows in Colorado, then a long heavy tour all over the country, then took a few weeks off at the beginning of May and it felt really nice to have time to take it all in and come into summer full of life and fresh music. I don’t like to compare moments much, especially performance ones, but I will say it was pretty special to debut a new live setup at Summer Camp. Also this past weekend we had a horn section with arranged parts for the first time ever at Electric Forest which was really radical.

SF: Camp Bisco’s just around the corner, and The Floozies are returning to Montage Mountain to deliver some much needed future funk. This will not be your first time at Bisco, so if you would, tell us about your history with the festival. Any standout stories or memories from Camp?

MH: We have played one massive set at Bisco. It is to this day burned into my memory as one of the most fun musical sets of my life. The grounds are lovely and people lovelier.

12779233_10153885327395053_611745401624974924_o The Road to Camp Bisco: Sound Fix Interviews Mark Hill of The Floozies

SF: Looking ahead, how’re your plans coming along for Bisco 2017? Without revealing too much, what can you share with us here about your upcoming performance?

MH: We are playing the best we have played, and I feel really positive about what we have to share. With a full length album almost finished we are also going to play a whole mess of new songs because we’re really pumped about these tunes.

SF: You recently put out a fresh new single featuring lyricist ProbCause titled “Arithmetic.” What inspired this track, and what’s it like collaborating for Prob?

MH: Prob is someone that we’ve known for a bit and always loved working with and talking with. He’s a talented and positive guy. He was support on a tour we did this January and this song kind of came out of that.

SF: Can you tell us anything else about new music in the works?

MH: It’s all super great, and the album will be done soon. It’s definitely the most stretching out musically we’ve done as The Floozies!

SF: What’s it like creating music with and touring with your brother? Do you guys ever get sick of each other?!

MH: Nope! And it’s incredible – musical and emotional connection is unparalleled, which makes for fun traveling and awesome musical moments. We’ve been best friends for our entire lives and we never fight.

SF: I have to ask – where did your name “The Floozies” come from?

MH: I really don’t even know anymore!

SF: The Floozies music is truly one of a kind. What’s the process you two go through to produce new material?

MH: Just take everything in, always listen, and then create when we feel the inspiration. Matt is extremely dedicated to the production. Spends a big portion of his life writing and designing sounds and recording parts and trying new musical ideas. He also writes lyrics and sings now. One of the most dedicated people I’ve ever been around.

SF: Finally, I always end interviews with an open forum. Anything else you’d like to share that we haven’t already covered?

MH: We love and appreciate everyone a lot. Can’t say it enough.

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