GRiZ-Sizzling the End of Summer


Some artists stick to what they’re good at, and kill it. Others try branching out, bobbing their melodic rods into the deep end of the musical pool full of genres. While some artists thrive in weaving through styles, others sink and washup back to their original shores.

Then there’s GRiZ.

griz-2-300x200 GRiZ-Sizzling the End of Summer

“But all his music sounds the same,” some could say. Not a valid point, but an almost legitimate discussion.

Personally, Better Than I’ve Ever Been has always been, hands down, my favorite track by GRiZ. It’s both hard and soft, sexy while sweet.

Now, if you’re like me and my fellow writer/Guru Sam Hutchinson, you’ve always loved GRiZ, but you’ve also always felt like he’s never fully unleashed his subwoofing beast.

With Summer’s end approaching, GRiZ released a new track featured on his upcoming album God Will Prevail.

Spoiler alert: It fucking knocks.


With two scoops of electrical guitar, a pinch of killer lyrics, and a splash of classic GRiZ hi-hats, Can’t Hold Me Down comes served on a plate of bass that will have your neighbors hating you in no time.

Time after time, GRiZ has succeeded in tapping into the plethora of musical outlets available to ultimately produce a bonafide EDM discography.

griz-1-300x140 GRiZ-Sizzling the End of Summer

Can’t Hold Me Down is badass, simply put, and has left me hanging on the edge of my beach chair, waiting for his new album God Will Prevail to drop.


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