Horizon Wireless, Let’s Danza!, and Jahman Brahman to Keep the Music Grooving Sunday at the Bowl

Horizon Wireless

Sometimes, the show just needs to go on. For us New Yorkers up here in Maine gearing up for night 2 of the Biscuits on this picturesque day, the music doesn’t need to stop when the band plays their final note on the Pier. Tomorrow at the Brooklyn Bowl, past Biscuit openers / livetronica veterans Horizon Wireless are hosting a night of kinetic music to keep the beat moving all throughout the holiday weekend.

Powered by Harrison Waxenberg (producer / DJ) and Dan Lyons (drums), Horizon Wireless has reignited my personal passion in house music since I started to see them perform just over a year ago. When you get into electronica and veer into the dark side that is bass music, it really is difficult (in my opinion, of course) to regain your appreciation of house or techno house. But when you go see Horizon Wireless animate old school house music with live drums, tasteful set selections, and vivacious stage presence, it’s hard not to remember why you used to love and revel in the genre.

Harrison & Dan are co-headlining the night with Let’s Danza!, a new livetronica supergroup comprised of Tom McKee (Brothers Past), Clay Parnell (Particle), Ian McGuire (CIA), and Kito (Particle). In addition, both bands will be supported by one of my favorite up and coming jam bands from the South, Jahman Brahman. The first time I saw Jahman perform was at a renegade popup set in Bonnaroo right after Billy Joel scammed the entire festival with a one-hour, abbreviated set. Bonnaroo has been veering farther and farther away from its jam band roots over the years, so as a sort of spiteful reaction to that trend Jahman set up a barnyard haystack stage in the middle of the James Bond camp site, handed out fliers, and reminded attendees (who thought the music was over for the weekend) where Bonnaroo came from and the type of music that laid the foundation of its current success.

All in all, this is a great excuse to keep up the high from the weekend to get out on a Sunday night for some quality music. Tickets are still available at this link. Make sure to stay on top of everything Horizon Wireless by following them on Facebook and SoundCloud.

18342807_1515967578437206_6462324744347633034_n Horizon Wireless, Let's Danza!, and Jahman Brahman to Keep the Music Grooving Sunday at the Bowl

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