lespecial Releases New Afro-Beat Track to Honor Slain Gorilla

lespecial Harambe Zombie

Just in time for the holidays, lespecial releases the first of its “Cellar Sessions” live in-studio performance videos, “Harambe Zombie.” Beginning as an arrangement of Fela Kuti’s classic afro-beat track, “Zombie,” lespecial then injects its signature blend of bass-bumping, head-banging riffage to give the song a heavy, unique twist. “Harambe Zombie” is a homage to Fela Kuti, as well as a farewell to a particularly strange year and fallen gorilla that took the country by storm.

I had a chance to catch up with bassist Luke Bemand yesterday to learn a bit more about the new composition, which was premiered at this year’s lespectacle at The Paper Box in Brooklyn (check out our concert review here). “Fela Kuti’s music has always been a big inspiration for us. We’ve combined afro-beat with different styles before and felt like some of his melodies could work in a heavy context,” says Bemand. “‘Harambe Zombie’ was originally conceived as a ‘sludge metal afrobeat tune’ and it just seemed to make sense to use Fela’s ‘Zombie’ as a jumping off point. It’s a homage to one of our favorite music makers, and our reaction to what a weird year it’s been.”

After a year of heavy touring up and down the east coast as well as some acclaimed performances with national headliners, lespecial only looks to ramp up its touring and content production in 2017 as they take their unique blend of explosively dynamic sets to new markets. They are now gearing up for their New Year’s run with shows in:

12/29– New York, NY DROM (Phish After-Party) with Chromatropic (tickets / facebook event)
12/30– Syracuse NY Funk N Waffles with Ampevene (tickets / facebook event)
12/31– Greenfield MA The Ball Drop: Rock N Roll Resort vNYE (tickets / facebook event)

Track Information:
Name: “Harambe Zombie”
Artist: lespecial
Release Date: 12/23/16
Video by: MK Devo

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