Liquid Stranger Releases New Original Mix, “Hotbox”

Liquid Stranger Hotbox

If you’re a member of the electronic music community, you probably already know the rising king of the underground electronic music scene is Martin Stääf, better known as Liquid Stranger. Born in Sweden and currently residing in Arizona, Liquid Stranger has done more for the bass music scene over the past five years than any other artist.

Bassnectar obviously holds historic precedence of this genre, but let’s face it: he’s performed so many similar shows over the past few years that (at least in my opinion) his live experience is diluted and craves something new. Not only that, but his 2016 album, Unlimited, was garbage. The one saving grace of the record (again, these are just my opinions) was “Mind Tricks,” which was likely anchored and influenced mainly by G Jones, breakthrough bass phenomenon and collaborator on the track.

This all said, with Bassnectar’s grasp over bass music slowly weakening (apparently Basslights is gone for good?) and his fans continually smearing the reputation of the genre within the broader music community, there’s a vacuum of power for a visionary artist to step in and pioneer the future of bass music. This is where Liquid Stranger steps in.

Not only does Martin live by a code to perform only his original music at live shows, but in recent years he launched a new label, Wakaan, to provide radical electronic producers a platform to broadcast their music to the world. Elite producers like Space Jesus, Esseks, and Yheti have powerfully emerged onto the scene in part thanks to Liquid Stranger and Wakaan. (Check out Mr. Stranger’s mix, “Sounds of Wakaan,” found above, skip to 12:20, turn on your subwoofers, and enjoy) 

Anyways, I severely digress. The purpose of this article was to showcase Liquid Stranger’s brand new track, “Hotbox,” which was released today via Wakaan as a free download. The track features earthquaking bass riffs, smooth vocal sampling (still looking for an ID), and an engaging song architecture. In an interview we did with Liquid Stranger last summer, Martin told Sound Fix, “Never stop searching. Never stop learning. We live in a crazy world where we constantly get bombarded with the opinions of others. Don’t forget to look within and listen to your own voice.” This is the type of mindset any music enthusiast should want a leading pioneer to maintain and bestow onto others. So enjoy the new track below, and check out this primo, newly released lineup for The Untz Festival in California.

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  1. phozee 19 December, 2016 at 18:36 Reply

    Liquid Stranger is the shit, but you can praise him without shitting all over Lorin. “Not only that, but his 2016 album, Unlimited, was garbage.” That’s a statement so devoid of content.

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