LRKR Releases New EP: Getting Along


When I first spoke with Alex Erker, also known as LRKR, in an exclusive Sound Fix interview, he lamented about his inability to release his music in a timely fashion. So it may come as somewhat of a surprise that the Brooklyn-based Producer released Getting Along, a new and incredibly confident instrumental mixtape, less than a year after he revealed his first EP.

While his debut EP, Wait Too Long, was made up of a soundscape that was richly layered and darkly ambient, Getting Along finds LRKR injecting his gritty style into an array of tracks that seem to be more geared towards traditional hip-hop production.  Many of his new tracks, like “Crystal Sky” and Blue Love,” rely less on samples and instrumentation to provide the leading melodies, and instead deliver a somewhat blanker canvas that is just begging to be rapped on.

Fans seem to be responding well to LRKR’s progression, as Getting Along’s tracks already have well over 600,000 plays on Spotify (you can also find it on iTunes). While he continues to work the NYC scene and build a name for himself, you can also follow LRKR and his compatriot UberVice through their collective, Novice Records. I encourage you to add these guys to your watchlist, because I have a feeling that they’re just getting started.

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