Manic Focus, Horizon Wireless & PK.Kid to Take Over the Knitting Factory (2/17/17)

Manic Focus

On Friday night, Manic Focus will bring his unique blend of funk and soul with bass bumpin’ electronica to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, a favorite of locals and live music lovers alike. Straight off GRiZ’s label, All Good Records, you know Manic Focus will bring that signature funky, electronic sound that All Good Records has become known for.

Manic Focus is the brainchild of Chicago grown producer, John “JmaC” McCarten. With his eclectic influences from soul, to jazz, to blues, combined with heavy bass you can feel in your chest, JmaC has a signature sound best left to be heard. In their live performances, Manic Focus has a full-time drummer, Jacob Barinholtz who holds down the rhythm while JmaC gets wild. Regularly collaborating with other producers and musicians on stage, such as Big Gigantic’s Dominic Lalli, GRiZ, The Floozies’ Matt Hill, and Russ Liquid, there’s no way to know what Manic Focus will bring to the Knitting Factory tomorrow night, so the best bet is to come and party down.

Also on the lineup for Friday night is Horizon Wireless, the New York-based psychedelic dance duo comprised of Harrison Waxenberg and Daniel Lyons. Horizon Wireless’s unique style incorporating hip-hop overtones and psytrance beats will definitely be another treat for anyone who makes it out to the Knitting Factory on Friday.

Upcoming producer PK.Kid also has a spot in the lineup, so get ready for some worldly grooves and thumpin’ beats. Organized by New York’s Mr. Bugsly Presents and Good Looks Collective, this will most certainly not be a show to be missed by anyone who is ready to get down to some funky drops and poppin’ dance grooves. Tickets are still available here, and make sure to RSVP to the event on Facebook.

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