Matt McNulty & Friends to Showcase a Revolving Cast of Musicians at The Acoustic (7/1/17)

Matt McNulty

MMF stands for “Matt McNulty & Friends,” an emerging project that features a rotating cast of musicians with McNulty on the guitar for each performance. The lineup for tonight’s show at The Acoustic features some regulars and close friends of Matt’s: Sam Blanchette (guitar), Miles Livolsi (bass)and Jeff Engborg (keys) along with special guests Jules Jenssen of The Indobox, Ross Jenssen, and Normal Instruments, Scotty Zwang from RAQ and formerly  Dopapod, and Jen (vocals) & Johnny Durkin (drums) from Deep Banana Blackout. For tonight’s show MMF will perform the music of LCD Soundsystem, Vulfpeck, and the Talking Heads in a mash-up project they’ve dubbed “Talkpeck Soundsystem.” Their performances will often feature a medley of Phish, Dead and other classic rock interpretations, sometimes to the T, and other times uniquely twisted. Ahead of the performance I caught up briefly with Matt  to further detail his music.

1557729_1678490739077114_5609282748742358145_n-1 Matt McNulty & Friends to Showcase a Revolving Cast of Musicians at The Acoustic (7/1/17)

Sound Fix: Hey Matt, to kick things off her, how long has the project been together?

Matt McNulty: MM&F has been going strong for just about 3 years, playing venues around Fairfield and New Haven counties.

SF: How long have you been playing music?

MM: I personally have been playing guitar and singing since I was in middle school – so something like twenty years. My father, John McNulty, was prominent in the music scene in CT and NY, so music and gigging was always a part of my life since I was a little kid. At a young age, I knew music would be my life and I’m grateful right now I’m able to do it full-time, and with such great musicians.

SF: What sort of lineups have you had in the past? Who are some other musicians that you’ve shared the stage with in recent years?

MM: Our lineups usually consist of people who are, in my opinion, the best regional talent throughout southern CT. An example of people who’ve joined MM&F in the past is Zach Nugent, and in the coming weeks I’ll have the pleasure of sharing the stage with the likes of Doug Wimbish (Living Color), Leo Nonticelli (The Meters) and Tim Palmieri (Kung Fu/The Breakfast).

SF: You recently started working with Full Circle Music Productions to book and help promote some of your gigs – are you looking to expand the project outside of the Connecticut area? If so, into what markets?

MM: The main goal of the project right now is to definitely to move it out of CT, and eventually  find a solid crew to lock in some original songs to perform out there on the road. Right now I’m thing of targeting Providence, NYC, Philly, Boston and northern Connecticut. There’s a lot of great music scenes right here in the northeast, so it’s the most logical place to start for MMF.

SF: Are there any key shows on the horizon or plans for an album?

MM: There are a bunch of shows I’m super excited about on the horizon. I’ll be doing a few Steal Your Funk shows with Jen Durkin and starting a Grateful Dead side project with Matt Winthrop of CT’s Terrapin. I’d like to really move into writing more originals and getting a good group of people together to hit road by 2018 as well.

Ahead of the gig tonight (tickets), I also reached out to Jen Durkin to grab a quick quote about her experience performing with MMF. Jen had this to say about the project:

Jen Durkin: We’ve had an amazing time performing together – we can harmonize well, and we happen to have a lot of the same favorites so even without a ton of rehearsal we’ve been able to really jam out together like birds of a feather. Matt’s turned me onto some music that I never heard before, and this Saturday will get a chance to sing some stuff that I’ve never performed before. He definitely pushes the envelope as a musician, plays for the song, and sure picks great people to have on stage with us – it’s always a musically educational experience, as well as a great time!

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