Missing Camp Bisco? Stream it Live!


Camp Bisco, unfortunately, didn’t make it into my deck of cards this year, mostly due to limited vacation days at work. However, I was thrilled to find out that UphoricTV was live streaming many of the shows for free on YouTube! I’m able to immerse myself, as much as I can, while being over 100 miles away. Here’s the official live broadcast site.

I’ll be updating this page throughout the weekend with new shows, so be sure to keep this bookmarked!


Lotus – (starts at 58:14)
The Disco Biscuits – (starts at 2:58:30)

Set 1: Triumph> Papercut1> The Safety Dance> Papercut> The Great Abyss2> 422> Nughuffer3
  1. reworked; last played 05/27/2011 (145 shows)
  2. inverted version
  3. ending only


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