Mr. Carmack: The Universal Go-To


You know the feeling.

It happens during that narrow timeframe existing between the moment youre handed a torch in the form of an aux chord, and the instant your index finger cautiously taps the glass screen of your phone. The pressure builds like a wave as the silence roars louder.

The flame, that is the first song you choose, catches fuel and ignites. Now, all you can do is sit back and hope you poured the perfect pool of gasoline.

You wouldnt bump trap music on the way home from church with Grandma just like you wouldnt orchestrate a classical flute at a house party. But what if you could do both?

Well, you can. The next time you find yourself scrolling through your music like an angry landlord with a checklist, searching for that perfect, first song, dont panic. Instead, remember this simple, yet savage, track title. Brazilian Blowjob.

Yup, you read that right. Brazilian Blowjob.

mrc7-1024x683 Mr. Carmack: The Universal Go-To

Aaron Carmack, better known as Mr. Carmack, truly creates an all-encompassing vibe with his track Brazilian Blowjob. The San Francisco-born DJ utilizes elements often found in your everyday trap song to perfectly compliment the mellow aurora created by the smooth jazz vibes felt throughout the track.

How can a DJ that makes songs alongside others like Stooki Sound, possibly produce a song my Grandma would like?” One might ask.

Well One, thats a great question. While I dont possess the answer to that trivial inquiry, I can offer other tracks by Mr. Carmack that will surely prove to you that the subtle beauty created in Brazilian Blowjobis the farthest thing from a fluke. Checkout Humbledand I1 ft. Kaytranadato see for yourself!

mrc8-1024x576 Mr. Carmack: The Universal Go-To

I often chuckle to myself when thinking about how different music has gotten to be over the short amount of time that Ive been alive. Where once my dad showed me his favorite classics like Jimmi Hendrixs Voodoo Childor Tom Pettys Free Falling, Ill be queing up classicsby Troyboi or Flume.

Now I understand this could be a longshot and I may be way off based, but if that trend continues to play true, Mr. Carmack’s Brazilian Blowjobmight just receive the universally ecstatic reaction felt when someone drops Carlos Santanas Smoothin decades to come.

Mr. Carmack

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