New Album: Big Gigantic Releases “Brighter Future”


Just today, Boulder’s livtronica duo, Big Gigantic, released its fifth studio album, Brighter Future, through its own distribution outlets. The project consists of 13 tracks with features from Angela McCluskey, Pell, GRiZ, Logic, Rozes, Jennifer Hartswick, Waka Flocka Flame, Natalie Cressman, Cherub, and Naaz. This star-studded cast helps project this special new album into the limelight with tracks that span several genres but each promote a feeling of positivity and fun. When asked about the release, Big Gigantic’s Dominic Lalli explains the theme of the album and meaning behind its title:

“A Brighter Future. These words vaulted themselves into my mind one day in a moment when I was feeling like I was unsure of myself, unsure of what exactly I was doing with my life and unsure about humanity and the volatile state of the world we live in today. As human beings, we all have low points in our lives where we question everything and are truly shown how shocking and just plain difficult the world can be. But at the same time, our high times wouldn’t be as extraordinary without the low times giving us a grand perspective on our lives and the world around us.” Read the band’s full statement here.

Five of the album’s tracks, “The Little Things,” “Miss Primetime,” “C’Mon,” “All of Me,” and “Got the Love,” were released as singles by Dom and Jeremy over the past several months to promote the new release. This leaves us with 8 new tracks, two of which are intros and outros, so for devout Big Gigantic fans here’s your list of new tracks to chew up and digest: “Highly Possible (feat. Waka Flocka Flame),” “I’ve Gotta Know (feat. Jennifer Hartswick),” “No Apologies (feat. Natalie Cressman),” “Bring the Funk Back,” “Wide Open (feat. Cherub),” and “Brighter Future (feat. Naaz).” I’ve had a great time listening to this album a couple times today, and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Purchase Brighter Future here, and in case you missed it, Big Gigantic played (at the time) its unreleased track, “I’ve Gotta Know,” at Frendly Gathering in Vermont with support from Mihali of Twiddle earlier this summer. Enjoy the video above, and the new album below.

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