New Album: GRiZ Releases “Good Will Prevail”


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. After much anticipation and months of taunting singles, GRiZ finally ripped the curtain off his fifth studio masterpiece, Good Will Prevail. I didn’t think it was possible for a producer to top the monster of an album he put out last summer, Say It Loud, but this album totally debunked that misconception I had in my head. Where Say It Loud is incredibly melodic, funky, and sample-heavy, Good Will Prevail skillfully balances those elements with heavy, rib-rattling bass and synth lines. In simpler terms, GRiZ turned up the filth with Good Will Prevail, and as a electronic music listener who enjoys the grimier things in life, I was incredibly happy.

The first track on the album, “Wicked,” featuring Eric Krasno of Lettuce on guitar, perfectly captures my assessment of the new record. The track builds for a couple minutes in a slow, melodic, but beautifully executed fashion. Krasno does his thing on the guitar, GRiZ heavily samples some horns, and the song builds this euphoric room of noise. I was a little nervous come 2 minutes into the album that GRiZ was dropping a soft melodic record, but at exactly 2:30 my prayers were answered and GRiZ almost humorously drops a massive, crunchy descending bass line. The rest of the track beautifully balances his two musical egos, and he meshes the yin and yang the same way throughout the rest of the record.

static1.squarespace New Album: GRiZ Releases "Good Will Prevail"

Logistically speaking, today’s release gifted us Liberators 8 brand new unreleased tracks to study up on before he commences on his massive fall tour (above). The entire record contains 13 tracks, but “Can’t Hold Me Down,” “Good Times Roll,” “PS GFY,” “Gotta Push On,” and “Before I Go,” were all put out over the past year or so as pre-release singles. The album marks a true transformation and well-deserved pinnacle of fame for GRiZ. “Good Times Roll” eclipsed a whopping 3 million listens on SoundCloud a few weeks ago, and Billboard immediately sung the album praises just minutes after its official release. Gramatik posted this awesome Tweet a couple days ago that really brings GRiZ’s meteoric rise to stardom full circle:

Screen-Shot-2016-09-23-at-4.42.49-PM New Album: GRiZ Releases "Good Will Prevail"

Anyways, enough from me. Enjoy the full album via SoundCloud, and make sure to support GRiZ and his music (if you feel inspired by the music) by purchasing Good Will Prevail via iTunes or Amazon.

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