New Louis Futon Mix and Brooklyn Concert


Philadelphia’s Louis Futon has been one of my favorite up-and-coming artists since last summer for three main reasons, amongst many. First, his collaboration, “Sideways,” with Bassnectar on 2015’s Into the Sun was a banger. Second, he caught everybody off guard at Camp Bisco 2015 with a heavy but tasteful set at the “Above the Waves” stage; I’ll never forget splashing around the wave pool with my friends to his music. Finally, we had the pleasure of covering Brooklyn’s ELEMENTS Festival last summer, where Futon was a featured performer. I was walking past his stage during a sound check, and he decided to test out the speakers when I wasn’t paying attention, back to the stage, double fisting a couple drinks. When his bass drop, I screamed like a bitch, nearly had a heart attack, and dropped both of my Bacardi & Cokes right on the dance floor.

This all said, you can imagine I got pretty excited when I figured out, all in the course of 10 minutes, that Louis Futon launched his first radio hour, and also announced a performance at a record store warehouse in Brooklyn for his “Futon Takes America Tour.” Addressing the first discovery, Louis is producing and releasing a mix series titled “Zoned Out” with Jiberish, a clothing boutique based in Colorado. He released Volume 1 a couple weeks ago, which features new music, shoutouts to his peers, and some impressive technical mixing. Check it out below.

Addressing the second discovery, Futon is finally returning to Brooklyn on Saturday, April 30th to perform a set at Rough Trade. This is a show you really don’t want to miss. Big Wild sold out the venue for the preceding weekend, so we’re assuming this one will sell out fast as well. For those who have never partied at Rough Trade, it’s a warehouse record store that transforms itself into a boutique music venue for nighttime shows. If Futon’s Rough Trade set compares to the two we attended last summer, we’re all in for a fun night. Check out Rough Trade below, and cop your tickets here (only $12).

img-12-2 New Louis Futon Mix and Brooklyn Concert img-11-2 New Louis Futon Mix and Brooklyn Concert


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