New Music: Big Gigantic – Miss Primetime (feat. Pell)


Earlier today, Boulder’s livetronica outfit, Big Gigantic, released its newest single, “Miss Primetime,” featuring vocals from the New Orleans-bred and Mississippi-based rapper, Pell. In the note tied to the SoundCloud release, Dom (sax, producer) and Jeremy (drums) told fans:

We had been itching to work together, we sent Pell the instrumental and he sent us back a vocal masterpiece. This is one our absolute favorite songs coming out on our upcoming album! Enjoy!

“Miss Primetime” marks the third single off the upcoming studio album, which, according to a message tweeted by Dom on July 1st, should actually be completed as you’re reading this article. Check out the message below:

Screen-Shot-2016-07-20-at-6.30.27-PM New Music: Big Gigantic - Miss Primetime (feat. Pell)

The other two singles, “C’Mon,” featuring GRiZ, and “The Little Things,” featuring Angela McCluskey, both sounded great, so we’re personally looking forward to this impending album. I’m a huge Twiddle fan, and was surprised to see Big Gigantic, a band that certainly leans more on the electronica side of jamtronica, as a headliner of Burton’s Frendly Gathering Music Festival in Vermont. I didn’t get a chance to attend, and was very curious to hear about the festival’s reaction to their performance. The numerous recounts of their concert that I’ve personally heard have all been incredibly positive, and to provide some tangible proof, the organizers at Frendly Gathering took this badass video of Mihali of Twiddle jamming out with Big Gigantic over “C’Mon.” So below, enjoy each of the three singles, and make sure to check out this video.

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