New Music: Space Jesus Releases an Exclusive Grassroots California Mix


Just ahead of his two performances at the 14th Camp Bisco in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Brooklyn’s hottest up-and-coming producer, Space Jesus, releases a gnarly new mix via SoundCloud. One reason I love Space Jesus so much is because he’s not afraid to get weird, and he’s not afraid to deliver bass music in countless different forms. In this mix, produced for Grassroots California, (one of my personal favorite hat & apparel companies), he samples some perfectly-timed, sometimes incredibly hilarious lyrics over unpredictable electronic music. Sometimes called Josha Tull, Space Jesus is a true must-see at this year’s Camp Bisco, which opens its gates tomorrow night. Josha is slated to perform at 8:20 PM on “The Office” stage, as well as 2:30 AM inside the “Disco Lodge.” If you’re planning to attend the late night set, make sure to get there a bit early. Last year I remember getting rejected a couple times at the doors of this singular indoor venue due to capacity issues. Check out Space Jesus on SoundCloud and Facebook, and enjoy this mix with the track list below.

Space Jesus – M. Night Shambhala
Too Short – Weird Science (Psymbionic & Wolf-e-Wolf remix)
Deeco – Fatality
Shlump – When I Go Out (forthcoming Wakaan)
Bleep Bloop – Obsidian (forthcoming Wakaan)
Krimma – 22
Space Jesus ft. Y. Jafar, Pipus – Nawledge (Bleep Bloop remix)
Dead Prez – Bigger Than Hip Hop (Huglife bootleg)
Space Jesus – Won’t Stop ft. Esseks & Joyce
Liquid Stranger – Don’t Stop
ZEE – Insource
Manolo Rose – God Level
G Jones – Helix
Of The Trees – Kick Back
Ganja White Night – LFO Requiem (part deux)
Space Jesus & Proko – Saturn’s Moon
Yheti, Toadface, & Spankalicious – Epic Adventures (forthcoming Wakaan)
Space Jesus & Liquid Stranger – Space Boss (forthcoming Wakaan)
Proko – Blast Heat
Esseks – Dragnet
Mr. Bill & Tha Fruitbat – Trill Clinton (forthcoming Wakaan)
Space Jesus – Bob Molly
Guccimen (Space Jesus + Freddy Todd) – ID
Space Jesus & Esseks – Slowmosapian (Yheti remix)
Space Jesus – HMU (Esseks remix)
Liquid Stranger X GDP – Why Stop?
Mura Masa – Lovesick
Jade Cicada – Grunty’s Bundt Cake (forthcoming Wakaan)
Space Jesus vs Keith Ape – it G ma’s Pipedream
Liquid Stranger – Phantom Bronze
Shlump – ID (forthcoming Wakaan)
Space Jesus – ?????

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