Ticket Giveaway / Preview: Wakaan Takeover at Webster Hall (2/24/17)

Wakaan Takeover

For bass heads in the tri-state area, tonight could be considered the first Christmas Eve of the year. Tomorrow at New York City’s Webster Hall, a squad of visionary producers have orchestrated an evening chalk-full of futuristic bass music. The space boss himself, Liquid Stranger, is bringing three powerhouse up-and-coming artists from his label to showcase the deviant sounds of Wakaan, his young imprint. This will be the second time Martin’s orchestrated a Wakaan Takeover, with the first (highly successful) installment at Up North last summer (video).

Perkulat0r is the first producer set to take the stage at Webster tomorrow night. Born Ban Jamer, Perkulat0r represents Wakaan up in British Columbia, the province he calls home. Perk’s in the middle of a massive “Two Lost Boys” tour with Sam Eckstein, aka Esseks, who’s the next artist set to throw down at the Takeover. As a fellow Brooklyn resident, I’ve followed Esseks’ rise in the underground bass community for the past couple years at this point. In addition to producing genre-bending experimental music, Sam’s also a phenomenal artist who designs his own album artwork, and will create artwork on commission. Check out one of his latest works below (with a track).

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After Esseks comes the one and only Bored Jedi, best known as Space Jesus. Jasha is truly a multifaceted artist who’s earned the respect of music communities across several genres over the past five years. In fact, last summer he was the only electronic producer featured on the jam-heavy lineup at Catskill Chill. This can largely be attributed to some collaborations he’s done with musicians like Clay Parnell (bass, Particle) and the homies from lespecial, and this open-mindedness is a quality anyone should hope for in a forward-thinking musician. To complete the night, my personal favorite producer, the space boss himself, Martin Staff aka Liquid Stranger, will tie together the night of mayhem with a final set. One aspect I’ve always been drawn to by Liquid Stranger is his personal code of only spinning his own music and remixes during a live show. He’s influenced a few producers from Wakaan like Esseks to follow this code of conduct, which is one of the many reasons I respect this label. When an artist spends half of his/her set mixing other people’s music, in my perspective the performer starts to become more of a DJ than a producer showcasing his/her art. That’s when live electronic music starts to lose me, but lucky for us, we’re in good hands tomorrow night.

To make matters even better, we’ve teamed up with Webster Hall to give away two guest list spots to tomorrow night’s show. Simply follow the instructions below to enter – it’s a straightforward process and the contest closes tonight at midnight! Tickets can still be purchased for the Takeover right here, and I’ve also embedded one of my favorite songs from each producer throughout for your audial enjoyment. Finally, we’ve interviewed each artist on this lineup except for Perkulat0r, so if you’re in the mood to really dig in to the mind of each producer, click one of these links: Liquid Stranger, Space Jesus, Esseks.

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