Sound Fix Interviews BIG Something (Arlene’s Grocery, NYC, 2/15/17)

BIG Something

The North Carolina-based alternative rock band, BIG Something, is off to a meteoric start to the new year. In just over a week, the band will release its fourth studio album, Tumbleweed, via Middle of Nowhere Music on Friday, February 24th. The six piece band comprised of Nick MacDaniels (lead vocals, guitar), Jesse Hensley (lead guitar), Casey Cranford (sax), Josh Kagel (keys, trumpet), Doug Marshall (bass), and Ben Vinograd (drums) already has over 45 tour stops scheduled up until Floydfest in July, which includes a seven-city run in the Southeast with jam powerhouse Umphrey’s McGee.

From August 17th-19th at a new venue in Pittsboro, North Carolina, BIG Something will celebrate their impressive nationwide tour and new album release at The Big What? music festival. The band has hosted this event for six straight years, with past lineups including groups like The Werks, Turkuaz, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Vulfpeck, and TAUK. Their next tour stop finds BIG Something at the one and only Arlene’s Grocery, located in the East Village in New York City, on Wednesday, February 15th. Ahead of the show we had a chance to catch up with BIG Something to discuss new music, upcoming performances, The Big What?, and much more. Tickets for the show at Arlene’s can still be purchased at this link, and you can stream the lead single off Tumbleweed below.

Sound Fix: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time to catch up with us ahead of your show at Arlene’s. To kick things off, fill us in on what you’ve been up to as a band so far throughout the new year. 

Jesse: Ah wow, 2017 has been pretty great! We’ve just been playing as many shows as possible and really trying to promote the release of Tumbleweed. It’s our newest studio album that will be dropping on the 24th of this month. We just got off of our first Jam Cruise which was pretty nuts!

Sound Fix: Looking ahead to tomorrow’s show, when was the last time you performed in New York City? It must be thrilling to play in such a monstrous music market.

Jesse: We’ve been trying to come back as much as possible the last few years but our last time playing in the city was this past September. Playing New York is alway a blast and we have definitely made a few memories here!

Sound Fix: I’m catching you guys at an exciting time, as you mentioned before your fourth studio album, Tumbleweed, is set for release on the 24th. How would you describe this record in comparison to your previous discography?

Jesse: Well, I think Tumbleweed has a little bit of something for everyone. We are constantly fusing new styles and musical personalities and feel like this group of songs shows a lot of growth.

Sound Fix: Looking back to 2016, what was one of your most memorable performances or memories?

Jesse: There are so many really but I’d have to say having the opportunity to play the main stage at The Ride Festival this past year was one of the most memorable experiences of my musical journey so far.

Sound Fix: Tell us a bit about the origins of the band. How did it all start for BIG Something?

Casey: Our singer and bassist played in a college band at Elon University for a few years while the rest of us amalgamated towards their group. The group continued to write and record music, and eventually became something entirely different. We decided to rename ourselves BIG Something, which is somewhat a reference to the evolution of our sound.

Sound Fix: I’ve heard great things about your festival in North Carolina, The Big What?, and understand you’ve found a new home at the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center in Pittsboro, NC, for 2017’s festival. How is the new venue? What else can you share at this point about the event?

Doug: The new property is beautiful. They have a few festivals there each year so it’s set up well for the event. The Big What? is always amazing for us every year. Each time I’m blown away by everything about it. We will have many surprises this year.

Sound Fix: Finally, I like to end with open forums. Anything else you’d like to share that we didn’t cover earlier?

Ben: I think you covered the meat and potatoes. We have all our tour dates and info about whatever is coming up next in our world at Thanks a lot!

Jesse: I like turtles.

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