Sound Fix Presents: Great North 2016 Playlist


The fourth annual Great North Music & Arts Festival is just eight days away, and in line with what’s become a tradition with our festival coverage, we’re happy to present the Great North 2016 playlist via SoundCloud. In past years we turned to Spotify to power our festival playlists, but with SoundCloud’s superior collection of electronic music, remixes, and live soundboards, we’ve not only switched to this platform but also cancelled our Spotify Premium subscriptions to onboard with SoundCloud’s new paid offering. It’s important to note if you trial SoundCloud Go, you can take each track from this 153 track super-playlist “offline” to save valuable data while you check out this collection of tunes on the trek up to Minot, ME.

The host company of Great North, 456 Presents, made a couple key changes to this year’s event. First, Great North will welcome its new host venue next weekend at Hemond’s Farm & Motocross Parkway in Minot, which is about 40 minutes closer to Portland than the former location at Last Breath Farm in Norridgewalk. On the Parkway’s website, the space is described as a,”home of two full-size motocross tracks, 10 miles of off-road trails, 600 acres of land, 100+acres of parking, and over 400 feet of elevation change.” The second change is the date of the music festival. In past years Great North held its annual event over Labor Day Weekend, but this summer 456 Presents pushed out Great North one weekend later. Although this shift is slightly inconvenient for taking time off from work, the festival will certainly see an increase in ticket sales as Labor Day Weekend is typically consumed by family gatherings, rather than four-day ragers.

s1200_trk_img1 Sound Fix Presents: Great North 2016 Playlist

09-hemonds-moto-x-park-atv-atv-racing-pits Sound Fix Presents: Great North 2016 Playlist

hemonds-mx-big-track Sound Fix Presents: Great North 2016 Playlist

Hemond’s MX Parkway & Farm in Minot, ME

In addition to one of the summer’s most eclectic lineups featuring Friday & Saturday night performances by The Disco Biscuits, three nights of the G-Nome Project, Space Jesus, Rob Garza and many more, each summer Great North goes the extra mile by scheduling Visual Arts, Performance Arts, and Workshop lineups. Find images to all four lineups below.

LineUp2016-733x1024 Sound Fix Presents: Great North 2016 Playlist

static1.squarespace-733x1024 Sound Fix Presents: Great North 2016 Playlist

14183872_675722812576156_6045086506430096568_n Sound Fix Presents: Great North 2016 Playlist

14089201_675784025903368_7093460758390919996_n Sound Fix Presents: Great North 2016 Playlist

So without further ado, grab your Great North passes here, and enjoy our SoundCloud playlist, which features 6 tracks by the Disco Biscuits and 3 songs from each musical act on this year’s lineup. That gives you about 18 hours of homework to cram before early entry opens next Thursday! In addition, we have three “Road to Great North” interviews with Tweed, Of the Trees, and Snooze ready for publish, so stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to email me at with any suggestions for this year’s playlist, and please share this with your friends. Let’s work together to boost SoundCloud plays and exposure for this summer’s special collection of artists.

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