Chris & Kevin of Space Bacon Talk Disc Jam, the Creation of the Band, and the Road Ahead

Space Bacon is the fastest growing jamtronica band in our scene. What started out as a few friends jamming together at Fordham University has since developed into a professionally touring four-piece band with a loyal fanbase called “Baconators.” Comprised of Jack Willard (guitar), Chris Gironda (keys), Kevin Legall (bass) and Sam Crespo (drums), Bacon is approaching a summer circuit that will rapidly expand their following and growth. With performances at Camp Bisco in July, Satellite Ranch in September, and Disc Jam this Saturday, the sky’s the limit for Space Bacon.

Before making the trek up to Stephentown, NY for their set at Disc Jam (Saturday 5pm, Innova Tent Stage), we sat down with Chris and Kevin to discuss new music, plans for the festival, the origins of the band, and much more. The gates of Disc Jam have officially opened, so grab your last minute passes here, and make sure to catch this meteoric band on its rise this Saturday evening. Day and weekend passes can also be purchased at the festival.

22553389_2051214394950393_4584251185720535590_o-1024x683 Chris & Kevin of Space Bacon Talk Disc Jam, the Creation of the Band, and the Road Ahead

Space Bacon at the Capitol Theatre. 10/21/2017 w/ Umphrey’s McGee – Photo Credit: Billy Murray

Sound Fix: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time this week to catch up before you drive up to Disc Jam on Saturday. To kick things off, tell us what the band has been up to so far in 2018.

Chris Gironda: Bacon’s been grinding out per usual. Writing, gigging, devious plans for the future. We have some cool announcements for the Fall. Writing has been a strong focus of 2018 as well. I think as musicians it gets tiring to play the same old songs and as listeners it keeps things fresh as well. I’m not sure the number but we’ve debuted a bunch of new material this year and have more in the works. “Throwing Shade,” “Cloud Coast,” and “Heatseeker” are some of my personal favs for the new songs. Other than that we’ve been hitting new cities like Providence, Worcester, Norfolk, while continuing to play out in our home spots like New York and Philly and just trying to deliver new and interesting improv at each show.

Kevin Legall: Space Bacon has been conquering a lot this year. We’ve been working very hard and pushing ourselves to become not only better musicians, but a better band.

SF: Tell us a story about how Space Bacon started. Not just a general overview of how the group was formed, but a specific vignette or “ah-ha” moment that sparked the creation of the band.

CG: I think we recounted this in a Passion Collective interview, but Kevin had another band in college while Jack and I were producing electronic music. We were all friends, we jammed occasionally, and Kevin pushed for the band to start. Though we weren’t yet called Space Bacon, three of us played our “first show” as a trio – Jack on guitar, me on bass, Kevin on drums – at a college frat party in the Fall of 2012. I think we did like 3 covers and then jammed a bunch. It was a clambake, I don’t like seafood but the other guys seemed thrilled about the clams. Maybe the clams were the “ah-ha” moment.

IMG_3570 Chris & Kevin of Space Bacon Talk Disc Jam, the Creation of the Band, and the Road Ahead

SF: This weekend Space Bacon returns to Disc Jam in Stephentown, NY for its second time with a performance at 5pm on Saturday at the Innova Tent Stage, right before Ghost Light, Beats Antique, Lotus, Electron, and Octave Cat. Tell us about the festival, and what we can expect from Space Bacon on Saturday.

CG: Disc Jam is great, probably has the sickest line up of the summer. We are working on some special treatments for this set. I also want to try out disc golf this year.

KL: I’ll start off by saying I won’t play in only my boxers this year. **laughs** Overall, I’m excited to share the stage with some real quality acts, and the lineup this year has made Disc Jam one of the best festivals in the Northeast.

SF: Apart from Space Bacon, what’s another act on Disc Jam’s lineup that you would recommend?

CG: Octave Cat. we played with them in DC earlier this year at Gypsy Sally’s and I was blown away. Such a cool project. Modular synthesis is something I haven’t really dug into as a keyboard player, so it’s awesome to watch what they do.

KL: I’m excited to get down to some NOLA funk vibes during Galactic’s set – after catching them at Jazz Fest two years ago I’ve been itching to see them again.

SF: Besides Disc Jam, what other festivals or shows is the band looking forward to in 2018?

CG: I think we’re all really excited for Camp Bisco. I’ve been going to Camp since I was in high school so it’s a trip to be playing there this year. Woodhenge should also be really cool. We’re headlining Friday night, and it takes place at an eco-friendly sustainable commune. Sam might join the tribe and become a Rajneeshee or something.

KL: Camp Bisco is #1 on my radar, #2 would be Satellite Ranch Music Festival near Scranton, PA. I’m excited to share the lineup with an array of musical acts that Space Bacon has played with throughout the years. Not to mention we’ll be playing two sets.

CampBisco2018-SingleDay-1200x1200-1000x1000 Chris & Kevin of Space Bacon Talk Disc Jam, the Creation of the Band, and the Road Ahead

SF: Looking back over the past year, what’s been a major performance or musical highlight for Space Bacon?

CG: Brooklyn Bowl with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong felt good this year. It was our third time playing the Bowl and I felt like we finally hit this one out of the park – solid improv, choice covers, and some new songs. The full video’s up on YouTube, check it out (below). Other than that, the Boom Room was a really cool experience. Sold out intimate vibes, live streamed to Facebook, and the jams were locked in, specifically Flamethrower > Loom.

SF: Your debut studio record, Nodes EP, was released in 2016. Does the band have plans to get back in the studio to produce a follow up in 2018 or 2019?

CG: We go back and forth on what we wanna do in the studio, but I think we’re getting somewhere in that conversation at least. I’d expect something to come up in the following months, so stay tuned. We also release every soundboard of every show on bandcamp and SoundCloud so there’s lots of content to hold everyone over until then. Our latest board from Worcester is dropping today.

SF: Any other major goals or milestones Space Bacon’s looking to accomplish this year?

CG: I want to grow a mustache, Jack’s starting to learn jiu jitsu, Kevin is going to enter a competitive milk-drinking contest, and Sam is getting into geocaching. These are our goals.

SF: Is there anything else you’d like to share here that we haven’t already covered?

CG: I think that’s about it – super excited for Disc Jam! Everyone come check us out 5pm at the tent stage!

KL: We have quite the surprise for our set this Saturday.

Cover Photo & Capitol Theatre Photo Credit: Billy Murray

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