Space Bacon to Host “Space Beach” Tonight at Garcia’s in The Capitol Theatre (7/7/17)

New York City’s fastest growing jamtronica outfit, Space Bacon, is set host a night of top-tier improvisational music this evening at Garcia’s in the historic Capitol Theatre. Titled “Space Beach,” Space Bacon is known to orchestrate memorable seasonal throw downs, the last being “Snow Bacon” in the Snow Barn at Mount Snow this past January (below) and the previous being the first Space Beach last year, same weekend, same venue. Teddy Midnight‘s bassist and producer, Sean Silva, will kick off the night with an electronic DJ set from 8pm – 9pm, with Space Bacon following with two sets from 9pm – 10:30pm and 11pm- close.

Formed at Fordham University and comprised of Jack Willard (guitar, vocals), Chris Gironda (keys / synths), Kevin Legall (bass) and Sam Crespo (drums), Space Bacon has turned heads over the past few years with their signature fusion of improvisation and electronic elements, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a live performance. I say this time and again about jamtonrica music, but this genre simply has no limits because it grows with technology. In an age where new pedals, gear, and music software emerge as fast as lightning, there’s really no reason I can think of as to why a band wouldn’t get with the times and lock in to this type of music.

Bacon’s earned the praise of several credible publications and music critics with their forward-thinking attention to the live performance.”On the rise Brooklyn-based jammers Space Bacon continue to break boundaries with their funky electronica fusion,” writes Live For Live Music, “Get ready for a cosmic journey of epic proportions with Space Bacon.” Our friend and occasional contributor, Zach Franck, said it perfectly on his publication, The Passion Collective: “New York City has always been a breeding place for music. One generation to the next; from rock n’ roll to hip hop, and jazz to electronic – NYC is a platform for musical evolution, some artists fail and others succeed. Space Bacon is a band that will most definitely succeed.”

The guys released their studio debut, Nodes EP, (above) just less than a year ago in August of 2016, which features 4 original tracks that have been in constant live rotation since its release. Expect to hear “Dorsia,” “Parallax,” “Scroll,” or “Loom,” in addition to a few potential covers and new material on stage tonight. One thing you’ll find with Space Bacon is they do a fantastic job connecting with their fans on a personal level. This is the secret sauce for an up-and-coming band, and Space Bacon has figured out its own highly-effective formula. Tickets for the show are still available and can be purchased at this link.

19510269_1754217287983440_1032461995248764969_n Space Bacon to Host "Space Beach" Tonight at Garcia's in The Capitol Theatre (7/7/17)

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