Summer Camp 2017 In Review: Photos, Videos, and Our Favorite Musical Moments

Summer Camp

Now that a few weeks have passed and most of us have had time to travel home from Three Sisters Park and wash the mud off our shoes and souls, it seems like a good time to take a look back at all the amazing music from Summer Camp. With such a mixed lineup of just about any kind of jam or electronic music you could imagine, as well as a healthy handful of hip-hop and experimental music, there was truly something for everyone. And that’s one of the coolest things about Summer Camp – unlike many other events, different people had entirely different schedules of music, but the one thing true for everyone was we all had a spectacular time. Besides the rain early Friday afternoon and the treacherous mud that ensued later that evening, the weather was perfect all weekend, which simply added to the experience.

Unlike most major festivals, the central grounds and camping areas are one and the same at Summer Camp. While this might not sound like a huge deal, it makes stops at the site in between sets a breeze, not to mention you’re blessed with the opportunity to save an arm and a leg on drinks inside the main festival ground. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like getting to sit down at your home base and drink a few beers between two Umphrey’s sets. Being able to kick back at the site and be back at the stage in under 10 minutes is truly a game changer – just another reason Summer Camp feels like home.

Out of the incredible amount of music played over the course of 4 days, here are some of our favorite acts. First up are Sound Fix’s jam favorites. Special thanks to Sean Hersch Photography for capturing some stellar moments from this year’s event.

3. Umphrey’s McGee

Playing 5 sets over the weekend on the Sunshine Stage, Umph simply brought the heat. With at least one smoking highlight from each set and a tribute to the late Gregg Allman on Saturday night playing a “Partyin’ Peeps” / “Jessica” fakeout into “Hangover,” the midwest jam staple showed us why they are a host of Summer Camp and why they dominate the midwest jam scene.

Here are the setlists:


Set 1: There’s No Crying In Mexico >  40’s Theme,  Utopian Fir[1] >  Preamble >  Mantis,  Abacab,  Make It Right,  Remind Me[2]

Set 2: In The Kitchen >  Believe the Lie,  Der Bluten Kat[3] >  Cut the Cable[4] >  Der Bluten Kat,  Similar Skin,  Much Obliged >  Upward

Encore: In the Flesh >  Another Brick in the Wall

[1] with Fool In the Rain (Led Zeppelin) jam and quote
[2] with Roundabout (Yes) tease
[3] with Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) teases
[4] original version

Set 1: You Got the Wrong Guy >  Wappy Sprayberry,  Higgins,  The Fussy Dutchman >  Rocker Part 2,  Mullet (Over),  Miami Virtue >  Ringo

Set 2: North Route >  1348 -> Cut Off[1] >  Hangover,  The Floor,  Prowler[2] >  Hajimemashite >  1348,  Puppet String

Encore: Controversy >  Mulche’s Odyssey

[1] ended with Jessica (Allman Brothers Band) jam
[2] with Imperial March (John Williams) and Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love (Van Halen) teases

Set 1: Glory[1],  Conduit,  Educated Guess,  Day Nurse,  August,  The Linear >  Walletsworth,  Dump City,  Life During Exodus,  Attachments,  Crucial Taunt

[1] began with Simple Gifts (Elder Joseph Brackett) tease

2. Trey Anastasio Band

Bringing two powerful sets Sunday evening to the Sunshine Stage at Summer Camp, Phish’s front man Trey Anastasio captivated lovers of jam, funk, jazz and soul with his band led by Trey’s legendary guitar playing and playful vocals. Debuting the Allman Brothers’ song, “Midnight Rider” as a tribute to the late Gregg Allman, Trey’s sets stood out as some of the finest jam shows of the weekend and one of the most captivating shows Trey has played in recent years.


Set 1: Gotta Jibboo, Mozambique, Sand , Soul Rebel, Drifting, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Cayman Review , Curlew’s Call, Magilla, Money, Love and Change

Set 2: Night Speaks to a Woman , Ocelot > Valentine, Plasma > Liquid Time -> Midnight Rider [1] > Dark and Down, Simple Twist Up Dave > Goodbye Head, Mr. Completely > First Tube

Encore: Clint Eastwood > Push On ‘Til the Day, The Parting Glass

1. The Disco Biscuits

For any of our regular readers, it’s no surprise the Biscuits would be our favorite jam set of the weekend, but this set really exceeded our expectations. Seeing one of your favorite bands at a festival when they only play a 75-minute long set can be a tease at times. You’d expect a set with a slot like this to be light on jams, contain more accessible song choices, lack some energy or exhibit poor sound, but this set of the Biscuits had no such issue. Fresh off two nights in Portland, Maine where original drummer Sammy Altman sat in, the Biscuits came to the Sunshine Stage at Summer Camp ready to throw down hard. Earlier in the day Marc Brownstein (bass) and Aron Magner (keys) played in the Red Barn with Everyone Orchestra which featured members of moe. and Turkuaz. Nice and warmed up, the Biscuits delivered a full set of high-energy dance jams full of segues and traditional Biscuits setlist creativity that was topped off with a mind blowing laser lights show. Besides the standalone “Story of the World” opener the entire set was segued. Weaving in and out of “Basis for a Day” with high energy jams and segues into “M.E.M.P.H.I.S.,” “Tricycle,” “I-Man” and a seldomly inverted “Aceetobee” that was left unfinished (finished 6.1.17 at The Ogden Theater in Denver, CO), the performance left seasoned Biscuits fans and first-timers alike incredibly satisfied. The only thing that could have made the show better was a set three times in length.


Story of the World, M.E.M.P.H.I.S. > Basis For A Day > Tricycle > Aceetobee [1] > Basis For A Day > I-Man > Basis For A Day

[1] Inverted and Unfinished

And for all the electronic music, here’s what stood out most to us.

3. Desert Dwellers

The worldly psychedelic electronic duo brought an hour-long set to the vibe tent, fully equipped with trippy visuals built into the venue. Their dreamy psychedelic sound was a perfect set for a Sunday afternoon. Dwellers stood out as one of the most unique electronic sets with their international sounds paired with deep trance beats.

2. Break Science

Well-versed instrumental musicians Adam Deitch (drums) and Borahm Lee’s (keys / synth) live-electronic set Saturday night on the Sunshine Stage stood out as one of our favorites in part thanks the duo’s live instrumentation and tasteful production of high energy break-beat dance music. Break Science surprised the audience by inviting two guests on stage, one being rapper ProbCause and the other Manic Focus, which in turn delivered a Manic Science surprise set.

1. Pretty Lights

With two sets at Summer Camp, Pretty Lights was the producer to see. With a sunset on Saturday evening while performing on the Sunshine Stage with the Live Band and then a private set in the Red Barn much later that night, Pretty Lights had ample opportunity to share his funky, trip-hop style electronic music with nearly everyone at the festival. The Live band set on the Sunshine Stage had one of the biggest turn outs of the entire festival, understandably so as the Pretty Lights Live Band is unique, emerging act to witness. Complete with improvisation and on-the-spot live production, the Pretty Lights Live Band is one of the most progressive electronic outfits performing right now. This style of live music conducted by electronic producers is quite possibly the future of electronic music.

Those were our favorites, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include some honorable mentions;


Our other host band also performing 5 sets full of jams, segues and raw rock and roll, moe. threw down multiple times on the largest stage at the festival, the Moonshine Stage.

Run the Jewels

With their late night slot Friday on the Sunshine stage, RTJ’s intelligent and political rap, witty banter, paired with bass bumpin beats brought the heat for anyone ready to splash around in the mud. Run the Jewels’ positive message, heavy rhymes and high energy created a show that definitely stood out.

Ganja White Knight

As one of the final sets of the festival in the Vibe Tent, Ganja brought live production and incredibly heavy bass music to close out the festival. After intense electronic set, Ganja played an acoustic rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” before saying goodnight. Definitely a fun way to end an insane festival.

Liquid Stranger

With his mid-day bass-heavy set, Liquid Stranger brought a great throw down of bass to the Sunshine Stage. Filled with completely original music and remixes, the set had great flow and was a fantastic way to start a day of wild music.

Future Rock

Bringing some mid-west jamtronica to the fest was Future Rock, a band that’s traditionally played the pre-party then again during the festival on the Starshine Stage. As the first big show at the fest Future Rock brought some high energy dance grooves to Thursday’s pre-party. Playing late afternoon after almost everyone had arrived and set up, Future Rock was a great welcome to the festival.

When it’s all said and done, Summer Camp was a festival of dreams. It can be said without a doubt that we will be returning next year, and anyone with the opportunity should join us.

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