The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016


As expected, this summer’s Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival blew me away. I entered Page Farm with high expectations after hearing story after story about the incredible venue, inspiring music, and a laid back community. The first set I managed to catch on Friday was Tim Palmieri‘s original band, The Breakfast. Tim and his band set the bar incredibly high, but the proceeding groups did a great job of meeting the quality of that first performance. Let’s put it this way, after The Breakfast, I made my way over to Tyler Coombs, aka Of the Trees, where one of his friends proposed right on stage in front of a crowd of ravers to his girlfriend. Right after Steve slipped the ring on his fiancee’s finger, Tyler grabbed the mic, took back control of the decks, screamed “welcome to the enRAGEment!!” threw the beat down, and got the set back in motion. After that, Long Island’s TAUK performed an intergalactic set where they unveiled a slew of new tunes from their upcoming album, Sir Nebula. If you haven’t yet, check out our interview with Charlie from TAUK right here. Then, Brooklyn’s Sam Eckstein, aka Esseks, threw down (and I’ve put a lot of thought into this) the best electronic set I’ve seen in two years. Not to be repetitive, but check out our interview with Esseks here. Finally, lespecial closed off the night by covering “Sandstorm” by Da Rude, and ultimately just did what they do best, which is blow everyone away with incredible musicianship and showmanship.

Anyways, I completely digress from the purpose of this article, which is to showcase the 10 cutest dogs I encountered at this animal-friendly festival. I love dogs, so in turn I love animal-friendly festivals. There’s nothing better than raging or vibing out to some awesome music with a Shiba Inu to your left, French Bulldog to your right, a chilled out cat on a leash behind you, and a Golden holding down fort directly in front of you. At festivals like Wild Woods, the sound of a bark brings pleasure to your soul, rather than the fear of god to your mind. Anyways, enough from me, check out these awesome animals with their names (sorry if I mess up a few here, please comment or send an email to with any corrections), and make sure to tag / share with their owners! I handed a business card and asked for permission before posting these up on the inter-web, so don’t fret, just enjoy!

10. Violet

IMG_0536-e1470324894934-1024x768 The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016

9. Scarlett

IMG_0614-e1470844033587-1024x768 The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016

8. Skylar

IMG_0589-1024x768 The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016

7. Trevor

golden-girl-in-the-gray-woods The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016

6. Midnight

IMG_0605-e1470855066136-1024x768 The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016

5. Rex, not your typical festival German Shepard

dogs-day-in-mos-ville-050 The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016

4. Pepper

IMG_0556-e1470855453832-1024x768 The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016

3. Axle

IMG_0545-e1470856003865-1024x768 The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016

2. Natty

IMG_0533-e1470856110100-1024x768 The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016

1. Rockie

This is our first shot at a special like this. So we thought, at least to start, it would be too difficult to get a backstory to for every pup featured in our “Top 10 Cutest Dogs” articles. For our crowned victors, however, we’ll take a few notes to provide a brief backstory. Our next article like this is coming out in about a week and will honor the 10 cutest dogs at this year’s Backwoods Pondfest in Peru, NY. So to kick this tradition off, meet Rockie. Rockie was our neighbor’s 10 year old pug who’s been to several festivals during his lifetime. In fact, now that I think about it, Rockie’s been to more festivals than I have. Rockie was especially adorable to me because we was equipped with a bag full of tricks. In this picture, Rockie displays a trick particularly painful for his canine consciousness. With this one, his owner asks Rockie to look at a treat with crossed eyes as he balances it on his nose. Upon command, Rockie flips the bone up with a swift jerk of his non-existent neck and catches it in his mouth. Great to meet you, Rockie, and we’re looking forward to seeing you pull off a few more impressive maneuvers at next year’s Wild Woods!

IMG_0592-1024x768 The 10 Cutest Dogs at Wild Woods 2016

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