Tsuruda to Shut the Lights Off Tonight at the Knitting Factory (7/8/17)

Back by popular demand, Good Looks Collective welcomes the emerging LightsOut concept back to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn for a night of perfect darkness, pristine sound, and experimental bass music. Headlined by L.A.’s Thomas Tsuruda and powered by the celebrated Massada Rock Sound System, LightsOut is a concept created by Blake Oakes (manager, CharlesTheFirst & Jade Cicada) that requires attendees to unplug, focus, and immerse themselves in sound. Upon entry, ticket holders are required to leave their phones at a secured location while the venue is completely submerged in darkness, save a small light above the DJ booth and bar.

The theory behind the concept suggests depriving an audience of light and one of six senses heightens the other five, resulting in an exponentiated musical experience. The first LightsOut in Brooklyn featured the one-and-only EPROM, and as expected the show sold out well before the actual event. For LightsOut 002, Tsuruda will be supported by Cousin Litt, M!NT, and 10th Letter. As for Massada Rock, the company’s a well-respected sound system that powers high-profile reggae concerts around the city. It’s interesting to see the organization adjust their frequencies for bass music, but they professionally molded their system for the profound sound of EPROM at the previous LightsOut. It’s also worth noting that the same people who are throwing tonight’s LightsOut are hosting the newly installed Renegade Stages at Camp Bisco next weekend.

Tsuruda just released his newest LP Move on vinyl and several digital outlets on Thursday, so we’ll surely hear several new songs incorporated into his set tonight. Comprised of 14 tracks across 40 minutes of music, Tsuruda really brought the heat on this release. The beauty of free-form bass music is the genre gives way to so much creativity and a vehicle for producers to patent their own unique sound. Tsuruda takes advantage of the sub-genre’s limitless formula to create music that screams his own name on each and every track, resulting in an undeniable LP.

Tickets for LightOut 002 are selling fast and dwindling by the minute, but you can still pick up your advanced passes here. LightsOut 001 sold out before day of show a couple months ago, so I’d advise taking precaution and purchasing online. Don’t leave this one to chance, you won’t want to miss this experience.

19642255_1682347058494747_1463189676008692802_n Tsuruda to Shut the Lights Off Tonight at the Knitting Factory (7/8/17)

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