5 Reasons to Catch The Werks at the Brooklyn Bowl (2/8/17)

The Werks

Tomorrow night, the best thing to come out of Ohio since chocolate-covered buckeyes is slated to grace the stage of the Brooklyn Bowl around 10pm. The Werks, with support from Philly’s Swift Technique and Brooklyn’s own Teddy Midnight, will take over the great(est) city of Brooklyn for a night of intergalactic jam music and peerless company. We’re incredibly excited to cover this memorable night of music with photos from Will Schwerd of Free the Ripple, so we’ve drummed up 5 reasons why you should toss out all hopes of a productive Thursday to come out, live your life, and seize the night.

5. New York is expecting highs of 61 degrees fahrenheit.

The cold streak is finally over, Brooklyn. We endured some slushy mayhem today and dodged a snowstorm that rocked the Patriot’s parade in Boston, but tomorrow will be an exceptionally beautiful day. With this forecast, your mandatory coat check becomes less pressing, and that obligatory smoke break / fresh-air breather will be that much more enjoyable.

4. We’re crossing our fingers for a Swift Technique horns sit-in.

After The Disco Biscuits’ unforgettable three-night run at The Fillmore in Philadelphia this past weekend, a girl can only dream that the Swift Technique horns will collaborate with The Werks during a portion of their set for a funky, brass (and woodwind) powered sit-in. During the second set of night two in Philadelphia, Greg Rosen (trumpet), Ian Gray (trombone), and Brian Blaker (tenor sax) surprised the sold-out crowd with a star-studded Biscuits collaboration. The Philadelphia-based bands teamed up for stellar renditions of “King of the World” and a historical “Let’s Dance” David Bowie tribute. I’m not even going to attempt taking a stab at describing that musical moment with words, but instead will advise you to fast forward to about 2 hours and 33 minutes of the following HD video to take a sip of that euphoric sonic ethos.

3. The Werks are on fire and are traveling to Brooklyn after the First Annual Winter Werk Out.

If I wasn’t a sucker for the Disco Biscuits, you would have surely seen me in my most primitive form, sweating and rejecting human conversation at the First Annual Winter Werk Out this past weekend at the Bluestone in Columbus, OH. One of my favorite young bands on planet earth is Boston’s own lespecial (interview), who allegedly threw down a killer set alongside incredibly promising young bands like Vibe & Direct, Moon Hooch (interview), The Floozies, and of course, two nights of The Werks. Rob, Jake, Houser and Dan have a unique skill in assembling amazing lineups and bringing great people together, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful aspects of music. So with that all said, I’m all about supporting a band that builds a quality community of individuals and musicians.

15965047_10210273243521002_1271926765400108159_n 5 Reasons to Catch The Werks at the Brooklyn Bowl (2/8/17)

2. Teddy Midnight is the shit.

Mark my words, Wiley Griffin is one of the kindest, most genuine, hardest-working guitarists in the scene right now. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him, Silva, Sean and Adam while living, documenting, and soaking up the Brooklyn jam scene since I moved here in 2013. The band literally elevates to the next level of musicianship and group dexterity every time I see them perform, and the group deserves every opportunity and new fan they earn. If you haven’t already listened to Velvet Blue, Teddy’s 2016 debut release, I’ve embedded it below. The boys get on at 8, so make sure to leave the office, wrap up your homework, or put the kids to bed by at least 7 to catch their entire set.

1. It’s all about them 2016 Bandcamp soundboards.

The Werkers Union on Facebook brought my attention to this just yesterday: The Werks update their Bandcamp page with impeccable soundboards on a regular basis. I mentioned earlier in this writeup that The Werks are on fire due to their community-building prowess, but we all go to see live music…well…for the music. I’ve devoted my post-Biscuits rehabilitation period to this section of The Werks’ Bandcamp page, and can confidently say these guys are playing better than I’ve ever heard them play before. Want some proof? Check out this set from the “summer” Werk Out.

Anyways, I’m excited to meet some new people tomorrow and witness a memorable set! Get your tickets here, and make sure to come find the goofy guy with the purple lespecial jersey tomorrow night to introduce yourself.

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