7 Reasons We’re Wandering Into the Woods for Wild Woods 2017

Wild Woods

Fifteen minutes off Interstate 89 is New Hampshire’s own slice of serenity known as Page Farm — a picturesque family-owned property with a stellar view of the mountains. Since 2012 Page Farm has consistently evolved into the ideal venue for a myriad of events. Besides hosting private parties and weddings, Page Farm is home to Wild Woods Music & Arts Festival, which is in it’s fourth year. With its scenic wooded camping and vast open field stage area, Page Farm is the perfect venue for a musical oasis.

As opposed to previous years the focus of Wild Woods’ 2017 lineup has transitioned from a jam-heavy roster to a more diverse spread of electronic, jamtronica and traditional jam outfits. The headlining slots for this year’s festival are inherited by worthy acts such as Space Rock pioneers Papadosio and my personal favorite producer, Emancipator. To make things even sweeter we also see the return of funk veterans Kung Fu as well as our founder’s favorite young band lespecial,  not to mention Strange Machines and the Supersillyus Lifeband. We’re releasing a special Wild Woods interview with Strange Machines tomorrow, but in the meantime here are seven reasons we’re returning to Wild Woods for our third consecutive year.

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1. Always Leveling Up.

There’s a reason the community behind Wild Woods has already garnered such a positive reputation. The Page family and their crew has worked hard and put a lot of love into new installations such as an “open-concept pavilion” that will serve as a lounge and art gallery for the festival.

Wild Woods is also a well-rounded festival. Besides a killer lineup, the schedule boasts a variety of workshops and productions like performances from The Wild Woods Flow Troupe and live painting. The dedication of the hosts shines bright as Wild Woods grows more and more impressive each year, always leaving much to look forward to aside from the music.

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2. Simple and Sustainable.

Everything you need to plan your weekend getaway to New Hampshire is readily available. Wild Woods’ schedule was released over a month in advance and a map of the venue was also promptly made available. The Wild Woods family makes a conscious effort to treat the land we dance on with respect and makes it easy for us festival-goers to do the same. The venue is equipped with not only trash and recycling bins but compost bins as well.

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3. The 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower.

August is an exciting month for space phenomena — flanked by a lunar eclipse and a total solar eclipse is the 2017 Perseid meteor shower which peaks August 12th, the Saturday of Wild Woods. The shower occurs annually as the Earth passes through the wake of Comet Swift-Tuttle. The Perseid meteor shower is known for illuminating the sky with brilliant balls of light, making it one of the most-watched meteor showers of the year. What could possibly be a better setting for Emancipator than serene farmland below a night sky illuminated by the light of passing meteors?

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4. Emancipator.

At the end of August, Emancipator is heading to Red Rocks with the four-piece ensemble for their first headlining gig at the world renowned amphitheater. If Colorado isn’t in your cards, Emancipator headlining Wild Woods is far from a consolation prize. For the uninitiated, Emancipator is the brainchild of Portland, Oregon producer Doug Appling and has evolved to include Ilya Goldberg on violin. Emancipator has been on a tear lately coming off of a Northeast tour named after his most recent album Seven Seas. Emancipator’s sound is an otherworldly blend of downtempo beats and melodic rhythm. Combining hip-hop elements with a plethora of instruments ranging from haunting piano to dynamic flute, each track is a journey through a multi-textured, multi-faceted soundscape. The ethereal ambiance of Emancipator’s sound on this Saturday night will be nothing short of magic.

5. lespecial is Weird and So Are You.

lespecial is arguably one of the most versatile bands on Wild Woods’ lineup. Their sound defies definition and crosses genres like no other. There is nothing quite like a late night lespecial set at an outdoor festival. Here at Sound Fix, we’re no novices to the infectious energy of lespecial’s dark and heavy sound. Playing at midnight on Friday, right after Papadosio, their dynamically weird tunes will be sure to have you raging and feeling all sorts of fantastic and weird. Also don’t miss lespecial’s bassist Luke Bemand perform again as part of Supersillyus’ live band!

6. Welcome Home.

While many large and growing festivals this summer have drawn some huge crowds, hype, and top-tier headliners at premier venues across the country, Wild Woods has managed to fly somewhat under the radar. But that is absolutely not a testament to the quality of this festival. In fact, in this secluded corner of New Hampshire you’re likely to have your best festival experience of the summer. Wild Woods brings together phenomenal musicians, talented artists, caring and detail-oriented organizers and a loving and respectful crowd; fully encompassing the family vibe that so many attendees seek.

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7. Keeping it Horizontal.

A huge advantage to Wild Woods is that the venue is entirely flat ground. If you’ve been to Peach Fest or Camp Bisco recently, you’re likely well-versed in the feat that is camping on Montage Mountain. Without a single precarious slope in sight, Wild Woods is the perfect event for dancing hard without worrying about twisting your ankles – a place where you can break a leg without literally breaking your leg. Aside from that, with ample forest camping it’s easy to avoid the early morning glare from the sun.

Overall, we’re in for a phenomenal weekend. What are you waiting for?

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