Zhu’s “Generation Why” Is What You Need


When I hear someone say that my favorite DJ “doesn’t actually make real music” or that “anyone could do what they are doing”, I get mad. I want to sit them down and explain to them that if that were the case, then everyone would do it. But I don’t. Instead, I choose to grind my teeth and turn up the bass in hopes of drowning out the wretched blasphemy spewing from their country-music loving mouths.

zhu1 Zhu's "Generation Why" Is What You Need

If you’re like me, you’ve faced countless numbers of these electronic-hating stiffs. But guess what? Our situation just got a whole lot better.

zhu2 Zhu's "Generation Why" Is What You Need

Channel Zhu’s debut album “Generation Why”. Last week, on July 29th, Zhu might as well have been our beloved Saint Nick; rather than navigating a pack of mythical dear across the globe, Zhu delivered present after present to his believers in the form of a 14-track rhythmical masterpiece.

So why did I begin this with a paragraphical rant about fun-hating low lives? Click the play button.

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes. Yes, that is a real saxophone. Yes, that is a real guitar, and yes that is Steven Zhu singing. But wait, there’s more.

Play that song the next time you’re with a group of friends and tell me they all, at least the friends that have adequate hearing capabilities, can’t help but grooving to the soft-spoken sexiness of Zhu’s lyrics intergalactically weaved through a funky bassline. And it doesn’t stop.

We’ve seen more one-hit-wonders than we can count, and I love them all. It’s not their fault the first track they produce is so brilliant it becomes impossible to top. When Zhu first released “Faded” I honestly didn’t expect much more out of him. Not because “Faded” lacked some sort of promising potential, rather, because it was so good I couldn’t fathom him making a track any better.


With Zhu’s release of his debut album “Generation Why” I was pleasantly embarrassed. While “Faded” will continue to be played across the world for years to come, Zhu’s debut album genuinely reflects his musical talents, spanning across a plethora of genres.

If you haven’t listened to “Generation Why” yet, listen to it soon. From top to bottom, Zhu comprised an album that will leave the EDM haters of the world questioning their own existence.




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