7 Reasons We’re Celebrating Independence Day at High Sierra Music Festival

We’re under a week away from 4th of July weekend which means the 29th annual High Sierra Music Festival is just around the corner! We’re gearing up for the festivities and flocking north to Quincy, CA to spend the holiday weekend with Umphrey’s McGee, Greensky Bluegrass, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Dispatch, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Leftover Salmon, Galactic, and of course, all you beautiful music lovers out there. In Sound-Fix fashion, we’re preparing by reflecting for a moment on 7 things we’re most excited for at this year’s High Sierra Music Festival. Let’s get this show on the road!

#1: Family Friendly Fun

High Sierra Music Festival has made a name for itself as one of the most inviting music festivals for families of all ages! Bring your kids and set up camp in the Family Village and enjoy the amenities of quieter camping at night, an assortment of activities, and best of all, the Rockin’ Nannies, a group of highly qualified educators, professionals and child-care providers who are on site to look after the kiddos! Enjoy late night shows while your kids enjoy snacks and creative fun activities at the Rockin’ Slumber Party with the Rockin’ Nannies from 8:00pm — 4:00am every night! Family fun for everyone!

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#2: Dangle That Spangle

We love costumes, and can’t wait to see all our friends and fellow festival goers embracing this year’s costume themes! Themes this year are Red, White and Blue on Thurs. the 4th of July, Cowboys and Aliens on the Fri. July 5th, Sunshine Sparkle on Sat. July 6th and HSMF Cape Crusaders on Sun. July 7th. We’re planning on going all out on our costumes! Let’s get weird!

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#3: Let’s Be Leonard

Upstate New York’s finest jazz-jam quintet Let’s Be Leonard is on the road and playing two sets at this year’s High Sierra Music Festival. Phish fans might recognize these guys from busking on lot and performing on festival grounds at Phish’s Magnaball in 2015 where bassist Mike Gordon sat in briefly. Leonard has also gotten their foot in the door at the Relix Studios having their song “Channel 2” featured on The Relix Sessions in 2017 which can be viewed by clicking HERE! This song appears on Let’s Be Leonard’s 2nd and latest studio album Static which was released in July of 2018. If you didn’t already, add these guys to your must see artists list at this year’s High Sierra Music Festival!


#4: Nature Retreat

We love getting away to Northern California any chance we get, but there’s nothing like hanging out in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in the summer time! Crisp fresh air over breathtaking mountain landscapes that are coated in cedar and pines await at High Sierra Music Festival! Just please, stay out of the Feather River as it’s not safe for swimming or wading.

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#5: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

An incredible honor it must have been when Karl D got a call from The Rolling Stones wanting him to come on tour! The only issue was this conflicted with the Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe set at High Sierra Music Festival. Well, HAVE NO FEAR because everybody involved with High Sierra Music Festival worked extremely hard to shift around the schedule and make BOTH Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe festival and late night sets a reality this year! Bravo, Karl D, High Sierra Music Festival & crew! Please visit the High Sierra Music Festival’s website for more details on updated set times.

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#6 Silent Disco

Spend your late nights grooving and moving at the Silent Disco! This year’s Silent Disco will be presented by Bay Area DJ and Producer Robin Applewood Music and will feature special guest High Sierra Music Festival artists. The Silent Disco will be hosted every night, so be sure to stop by and boogie with us! Headphones cost $10 per pair

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#7 Magic Foam Tube

Thaaaaaat’s right! The Magic Foam Tube is making it’s comeback! The only way to clean your kid (or a wook) is to make it fun. Gather everybody and head over behind the Grandstand bleachers for some dirty beats and good clean fun!

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We are pumped to be apart of this year’s High Sierra Music Festival and we can’t wait to rage with all you fine people! Stay tuned for more coverage of this year’s event.

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