7 Reasons To Be Elated For Wonderfront Festival

With less than a week until Wonderfront Festival opens its doors for the first time ever, we’re on the edge of our seats in excitement!  Wonderfront seems to be establishing itself as the first mainstream music festival in San Diego that has enough to offer to bring together music lovers with vastly different taste.  In its first year, Wonderfront will host headliners STS9, MGMT, Slightly Stoopid, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Migos, Big Gigantic as well as some of our favorite artists across various genres.  We’re psyched to be a part of Wonderfront Festival on November 22-24, and without further ado, here’s 7 reason why!



#1 Culture

An important part of our identity in San Diego has always been our street fairs and farmers’ markets, which stem from the street festivals scene that flourished here from 1984 and 2009.  Much of Wonderfront is the first festival in San Diego to bridge the gap between modern music festival and historic San Diego street festival.  Although it’s only Wonderfront Festival’s first year, in a lot of ways it feels like something they’ve been doing for a while now!

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#2 San Diego’s Finest

Wonderfront Festival has been able to step into the San Diego music festival scene as a dominant force, but how?  The festival’s promoters Ernie Hahn (Pechanga Arena, General Manager) and Paul Thornton (TAG Presents, President) have been putting on major events throughout San Diego for more than 50 years combined!  Toss brand ambassadors Tony Hawk, Trevor Hoffman and Rob Machado into the mix, as well as talent buyers from The Casbah, Belly Up and Music Box and you’ve got yourself an all-star cast of San Diegans putting on this festival!



#3 Diversity

One of the most surprising things Wonderfront Festival brings to the table is a diverse musical lineup and festival experience, something that San Diego has lacked for years now.  By pulling in big name and emerging artists from rock, hip-hop, electronic, Americana, indie, reggae, Latin, punk, and various other genres, there’s something for everybody!  Wonderfront also permits re-entry and encourages any travelers interested in experiencing downtown San Diego to do so.  For more info on excursions and activities to do throughout the day at Wonderfront and in San Diego, click here.

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#4 Tony Hawk’s Huck Jam

If you grew up at turn of the century, seeing Tony Hawk on his Huck Jam Tour might’ve been a childhood fantasy of yours.  To get the opportunity to witness Tony Hawk revive Huck Jam at his festival on the waterfront in San Diego is making us here at Sound-Fix lose our marbles!  Excited is an understatement!

Tony Hawk talks Huck Jam (2005)


#5 In the Heart of the Harbor Town

By spanning across various bayfront parks and venues in downtown San Diego, festival-goers will be treated to a unique festival grounds and taste of the city.  There are various transportation options available to take attendees to each area of the festival, one of which is by way of ferry!  This enables festival-goers the chance to experience being on the harbor first hand, an important part of San Diego’s history!

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#6 Afterhours at Wonderfront

Much like the landscape of New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest, Austin City Limits or Lollapalooza, Wonderfront Festival will put on various official after parties at local clubs so concert-goers can keep the party going all night with their favorite artists in an intimate setting.  For more info and to purchase tickets to Wonderfront official after shows, click here.

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#7 San Diego 250

Established in 1769, San Diego is celebrating the 250th anniversary of the city!  San Diego was the first city established in California and is the 8th largest city in the nation!  With many beautiful historical sites to see, experiencing greater San Diego is a must if you’re visiting from out of town.  For more information on San Diego 250, historical sites and places you won’t want to miss out on, click here.

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We’re so excited to see all your beautiful faces out there on the water front this weekend!  Be sure to check out the festival information section of their website, especially the prohibited items section, to ensure your prepared to have the best festival experience possible!  To access this segment of the website, click here.  We’ll see all you party people soon!



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