Kellen Asebroek of Fruition Talks New Album Wild As The Night, His San Diego Roots, Halloween

Out of the midst of a deadly and much needed Halloween performance at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma, CA, Fruition is on the move down the coast of California and coming in hot to WinstonsOB tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5th.  Tickets can be purchased in advance by clicking here.  Doors are at 9:30pm and the show will begin at 10:00pm.  In keenness of tomorrow’s hoedown, Sound-Fix had to catch up with Kellen Asebroek to talk about Fruition’s new album, California tour, his roots in San Diego, what happened on Halloween night, and more! 


Sound-Fix: Every time I see Fruition in the area, y’all make it known that you, Kellen, are from San Diego, or Vista if that counts.


(both laugh)


SF: Would you say that being from the area has had a big influence on your character?


Kellen Asebroek:  I think a lot of that comes from the SoCal culture and the nature in which I was raised. Musically I’d say I was influenced by that area a lot growing up in the punk and reggae scene.  Even though I don’t really write stuff that’s in that particular vein, it still subtly influences what I do and who I am as a musician.  I like to rock out for sure but I also really enjoy providing that peaceful easy feeling.


Screen-Shot-2019-11-04-at-10.31.41-AM-300x111 Kellen Asebroek of Fruition Talks New Album Wild As The Night, His San Diego Roots, Halloween


SF: I’m a big fan of the album Fruition’s last album Watching It All Fall Apart so I was really excited to hear the new album Wild As The Night.  I love that I hear you pulling from different genres.  “Sweet Hereafter” in particular has this awesome bossa nova sound and “Manzanita Moonlight” is so sweet and easy to listen to.  Is it more than just how you feel in the moment that inspired this?


KA: We’ve been a band for almost twelve years now, so as time goes on we’ve gotten more confident in our song writing and our skills, we’re a more gelled together band and at this stage we’re not afraid to be adventurous, make new sounds and explore new ideas.  For a song like “Sweet Hereafter” which is the only song on the record that I wrote, it’s definitely unlike anything we’ve done but it still draws from our strengths.  The harmonies, the dynamics, and the soul piercing vulnerability.  Both those songs you mentioned, “Sweet Hereafter” comes from me and that comes from being super in touch with the ocean and water. Though it’s not particularly about the ocean, the setting is in the ocean and this guy who wants to just drown for a while and kind of let the world be.  “Manzanita Moonlight” we wrote camping in Northern California on our way to High Sierra Music Festival five years ago.  It comes from a place of confidence, growth, trusting each other, and exploring new musical ideas.


Kellen-furition-300x168 Kellen Asebroek of Fruition Talks New Album Wild As The Night, His San Diego Roots, Halloween

Kellen Asebroek of Fruition


SF: Have you been warming some of these songs up on your current tour?


KA: These days we generally haven’t been playing songs live until we’ve released them so we just started playing the title-track “Wild As The Night” but the rest of that stuff we haven’t been playing live yet so I’m super amped to add it to the repertoire.


SF: Maybe you’ll sneak a new song in there at WinstonsOB?


KA: It depends how we’re feeling in the moment.




SF: Tell me about Halloween night at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma.  I bet you we’re super stoked to pull that off.


KA: It was super rad; it really came together.  There was a lot of uncertainty about the show because of all the fires they’re dealing with in that part of the country.  I know you guys are dealing with it in SoCal too, especially the LA area but the Petaluma show was sort of touch and go as to whether they were going to do it or not.  It was off for a while and then it was back on, but I think it was a much needed relief in that area so it’s nice to provide a safe spot for them to come out and release some of that tension from the fire, evacuation, uncertainty of danger, not having power.  We enlisted help from our friend Alissa Trudel who did us up proper in skeleton face paint and set up a black light rig on stage so we blacked out the house lights and got super spooky and weird and played a really rockin’ set.  People raged and came out in awesome costumes. It was a rad night.


74687755_2822057781139279_5080843618499952640_o-300x300 Kellen Asebroek of Fruition Talks New Album Wild As The Night, His San Diego Roots, HalloweenFruition on Halloween at Mystic Theatre 10/31/2019


SF: I’m happy that everything fell into place in order to pull of that night and that everybody was able to let loose with you! We’re looking forward to doing the same with you this week.  Thanks for your time Kellen, it was really great talking to you!


KA: Likewise, we’ll see you this week!


Fruition is only in the middle of their tour promoting their new album Wild As The Nightwhich will be available on all listening platforms November 8th.  After California, the band is heading through the South and Midwest before making their way home to the Pacific Northwest where they’ll be playing New Year’s Eve at Revolution Hall in Portland, OR with Danny Barnes.  For more tickets and tour dates, click here.


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Featured photo by Dustin Chambers

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