The Moves Collective Release Two New Singles

San Diego Music Award winning psychedeli-Americana act The Moves Collective released two new singles dubbed “Smoke Rising” and “Pluto & Mars” this past week.  The singles are leading up to the release of their full length studio album, Beauty of the Road, which will be available Friday, February 15th.  We had the chance to ask Tim Norton what these two singles mean to him and what inspired them.  This is what he said.



TN: “Smoke Rising” was written as a letting off steam, lose yourself in the woods type of anthem.  I wrote the song but the band really brought it to life this year.  “Pluto & Mars” is a tune inspired by emotion and the feeling of hope and desire to see through a terrible situation.  It’s uplifting and when I wrote it, I intended for folks to want to jump around and dance like a toddler, yelling at the top of their lungs!


The Moves Collective will host an album release party at House of Blues San Diego on Friday, February 15th.  If you’re interested in hopping on a party bus to the show that leaves from Ocean Beach, click here.  More information on Beauty of the Road and the album release party to come.  Stay tuned!


Screen-Shot-2019-01-27-at-7.14.29-PM-300x300 The Moves Collective Release Two New Singles

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