STIG Is Coming To Ocean Beach To Cook Up The Funk At Winstons

SAN DIEGO, CA — 5-piece power funk conglomerate STIG is coming to Ocean Beach to party down at Winstons on Thursday, May 30th.  Tickets will be $5 cash at the door.  Forming at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and growing into their own in their new hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, the band consists of Ryan Stigmon on saxophone, Thomson Knoles on keyboards, Artie Sadtler on bass, Jack McChesney on drums, and Riley Hoover on guitar.


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STIG offers a unique perspective on how to push the boundaries of sound while staying true to the genre of funk.  Their newest single titled Splugarn, which is accented by afrobeat style is an example of this.  With hard work, dedication to their craft, and the help of Joel Scanlon at Scanhope Sound in Denver, Colorado, STIG plans on releasing another new single titled “Happy Ending” in June or July.



Sound-Fix had the opportunity to chat with STIG and aside from being talented musicians, realized how funny and genuine of a pack of dudes these guys really are.


Sound-Fix: “Is there anything you want to say to the people out there who will be reading this?”


What was the message?


STIG: “Be a good person, call your mother…”


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But in all seriousness, since cementing their current line up 3 years ago, these guys have been putting a lot of hard work into perfecting their craft.


STIG: “What we’re doing is creative and pure.  A lot of love goes into the music, and we truly believe that what we’re doing is radically positive.  We’re doing our thing and we’re doing it as hard as possible.”


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STIG‘s first show in Asheville was at the One Stop located underneath the Asheville Music Hall.  Outside there were blizzards, upstairs were the Desert Dwellers, and inside the One Stop it was packed shoulder-to-shoulder!  This was the moment that would change everything for STIG.  These guys love the outdoors, love music, and love Asheville for these reasons and more.


For all you local Ashevillian’s, STIG will be performing local shows all weekend including an appearance at One Stop tonight (May 24th)!  For all you San Dieagan’s, hang tight.  We’re less than a week away from STIG’s performance at Winstons!


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